Whiskerino 2009

The Meet and Greet to Rule Them All

The Throwdown

What is it?

As Whiskerino comes to a close, we strive to meet up together outside the realm of the Internet and have a good time socializing, drinking beer and generally reminiscening about the event.

The Wrapup


To say the Throwdown was a success is to make one of the biggest understatements of the year. While it's true that there were some participants that could not make it (a most unfortunate turn) we honored them by partying like no other bizarre group of beardos has ever done in the history of time.

If you have photos from the event, please get them on Flickr and add them to the 2009 Photo Pool; it would be much appreciated.

The Details


The weekend of Februrary 19th - 21st, 2010 will be the official closing ceremonies for Whiskerino 2009 and, as it is the Final Chapter, Whiskerino on the whole. It takes place in and around Nashville, TN.

Throwdown: 2005

Throwdown 2005.


There are two schools of thought in regards to picking a hotel for the Throwdown. 1) Affordable, no frills spot that provides a place to lay your head. 2) Little more expensive with extra amenities. Depending on your thinking of this topic here are the suggested places to stay.

Both are located around some restaurants and fairly nearby to the events of the weekend.


The nitty gritty details of the weekend are still being sorted out but here are a few items of note that are in the works.

  • Friday - Feb 19th
    Beards and Tacos
    Location: Las Palmas - 1905 Hayes St. Nashville, TN. Time: Noon-ish
    Seating will be limited so be prepared to wait! If you're available, come meet, greet and feast on tacos.
  • Friday - Feb 19th
    Meet and Drink Up
    Location: Marathon Village Event Space - 1305 Clinton St. Nashville, TN.
    Time: 7pm - 2am
    We'll meet, drink and shuffle around somewhat uncomfortably. Actually, it'll be awesome. We're even going to have beer provided by Team Beer Brewers!
  • Saturday - Feb 20th
    Location: Pla More Lanes - 2906 Foster Creighton Drive. Nashville, TN
    Time: 2pm - 5pm
    We did this last year and it was loads of fun. Get ready for bowling, socializing, drinking games and a fantastic burger (if you so choose).
  • Saturday - Feb 20th - Night
    Location: Mercy Lounge
    Time: 7pm
    While the catering has not been verified yet, it seems that Tacos of some sort would be appropriate. That's just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Throwdown: 2007

    A Select group.

  • Saturday - Feb 20th - Late Night
    Location: Mercy Lounge
    Time: 9pm
    Three bands will be performing - all with active ties to Whiskerino: Codaphonic, Roy Ira, Kid Static (you can help make the playlist)
  • Sunday - Feb 21st - Morning
    Location: Undetermined
    We'll need a place to meetup and say goodbye. I'm hoping it's Shoneys but it's unknown at this time.

As the majority of activities aren't completely booked yet the final cost is not either. I assure you that I strive to make it as affordable as humanly possible and will not be profiting from said event, only breaking even.

Take a look at the list of activities and imagine what each would typically cost you.. that is, roughly, what it will cost during the Throwdown.


Participants are allowed and encouraged to bring spouses. While Whiskerino may be a male-centric event, we absolutely approve of meeting all those involved.

Who Is Attending? (185 RSVP'ed)