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  • posted: January 02 @ 3:44pm
OCD Confession #1:
I would say that 90% of my wardrobe is made up of t-shirts. I keep them in my closet in roughly ROY G BIV order with white on the far left and black on the far right. On a side note, the colors on the right are yoyo strings. I have them separated and hanging by color.


Johnny Rebellious says:
You like your things neatly organized. I'm the complete opposite.

Then again, I'm a vagabond... we don't need organization.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 3:46pm -
Yogi Beard says:
Can't say I organize by color, but all my hangers have to face the same way. I'm far more particular about my movie shelf - organized by genre, then release date within the genre.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 3:52pm -
Mathy says:
I dig it.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 3:53pm -
Grower&Shower says:
Whoa, colored yo yo strings?!?!? That is so good.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 3:57pm -
mattyc says:
don't feel bad...I'm not OCD very much at all and most of my t-shirts are arranged by color

unless they are striped t-shirts...then they go in a seperate location.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:04pm -
yourfavorite says:
@mattyc was that comment serious or meant to be ironic? Because I read it as ironic and I'm currently laughing. Hopefully not at your expense.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:05pm -
Caronna says:
great shot sir.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:09pm -
Sir Walshington says:
very interesting. by the way, strong beard of electric rust. any scandinavian in you?
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:12pm -
Ace says:
wow... that is pretty ocd. you would hate my closet.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:15pm -
mattyc says:
no it was serious... I don't roy g biv them but they are definately organized by color....and striped t-shirts live in a seperate locations since they are a collection
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:22pm -
yourfavorite says:
@mattyc well I found it ironic that you say you're not OCD but then you put your shirts grouped by color and your striped ones have a special location... hrmmm
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:22pm -
mattyc says:
CLAME for proof
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:23pm -
yourfavorite says:
haha @mattyc I never doubted you. I just think you're more OCD than you think.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:24pm -
mattyc says:
I'm not OCD.. they are colorized for ease of access. It's so If I feel like wearing a yellow shirt...they are all together...etc etc... the striped ones live in the dresser....the regurlar t-shirts are in the closet on shelves....no t-shirts can hang...and neither can sweater's b/c there isn't enough room with all my other shirts that have to hang.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:25pm -
yourfavorite says:
@mattyc - if I came over and rearranged your organization would it bother you and would you reorganize everything?
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:26pm -
yourfavorite says:
everyone is a little OCD. Not saying we need professional help, just that there's a little OCD (and on an unrelated note a little Inner Fat Kid) in everyone.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:27pm -
mattyc says:
no...ti wouldn't annoy me at all b/c most likely it would be a lot neater than my organization.....I'd leave it how you made it then next time I did laundry...I'd forget how you had it so it'd end up going back to how i had it.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:29pm -
michaeljstraub says:
I will need more yo yo pictures now that I see so many strings
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:31pm -
folliclejuju says:
yeah, i've had to let a lot of my ocd go since getting married..i mean it's either let it go or do it myself :) however, i just will not stand for my shirts to hang in different directions...i don't really mind switching them from hanging left to hanging right, but they and my pants must always, every one hang the proper direction. i mentioned the color thing to my wife, but she just kind of rolled her eyes and walked out of the closet, so i think it's an off-limits subject
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:31pm -
yourfavorite says:
haha @folliclejuju - I live with my girlfriend and when clothes are clean she just hands me a stack of clothes, I have to hang them in my own order myself. If I'm out of town I come home and have to reorganize because she hung them up.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:33pm -
mc sauce says:
i just prefer to buy all black t-shirts. it makes things way less time consuming. efficiency is the name of the game
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:53pm -
Ploafmaster says:
King-fav'd for being just a straight-up great photograph.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 4:59pm -
whipticker says:
Love seeing the inner workings of your brain. My wardrobe is one step more OCD. Within the ROYGBIV organization, I also organize by short sleeve shirts, then long sleeve shirts and pants. Then within those categories, the shirts on the left are ones that I have not worn recently. Newly washed and worn shirts go on the right.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 5:03pm -
yourfavorite says:
@whipticker - wow that is a bit further. Personally I try to organize within one color from lightest to darkest. I also try to blend colors. So blue-green shirts are in between blue and green.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 5:05pm -
Sir Jellobeard says:
i must've colored myself out. my closet is full of black v-neck t-shirts. but it did once look like this.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 5:11pm -
Poe says:
@yourfavorite this is something I never would have guessed about your... or thought of. My closet doesn't look this nice.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 5:14pm -
Shotgun Willie says:
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 5:30pm -
mynameisjason says:
that is quite ocd. especially compared to my wads of clothes stuffed into the drawers my wife lets me use.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 6:01pm -
Dschonn says:
I save all my OCD organizing tendencies for the workplace. My own room is a proverbial pigsty.

Also, my wardrobe de-emphasizes t-shirts.

These two things make you cooler than me. I think.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 6:53pm -
mOtke says:
I love it. Seriously.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 7:23pm -
Daniel Wilkerson says:
the stockpile
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 8:19pm -
hankbobs says:
the colors in your shots are amazing. This is one of the reasons you're my favorite
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 8:41pm -
hankbobs says:
regarding all this OCD closet organizing, I never imagined this idea. I think this is because I have three kids. Having three kids prevents you from: organizing your closet by color, organizing your closet at all, putting things in your closet at all, hanging things on hangers at all, even folding things, ironing things, removing stains from things. When you have three kids, your closet is a laundry basket with wuzzled, wrinkled clothes of all shapes sizes and colors. I haven't worn matching socks in years. Moral of this story: if you love your OCD closet, don't have three kids. If you want a cure for OCD, have three kids

Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 8:47pm -
9schwander says:
I like your sheepish expression today.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 9:00pm -
Mat Wiseman says:
How to spot a designer.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 9:45pm -
c dub says:
sorry about your affliction. i'll share my sneaker closet if i can figure out a good angle with a wider lens.
Posted: Jan 2nd, 2010 - 10:30pm -
ThatGuy says:
NOthing wrong with being organized.
Posted: Jan 3rd, 2010 - 12:17am -
EdwardTeach says:
awesome. love the yo-yo strings.
Posted: Jan 3rd, 2010 - 10:47am -
Just Jamey says:
It sure makes for a nice photo, even if it is a bit neurotic.
Posted: Jan 3rd, 2010 - 3:11pm -
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