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  • posted: January 12 @ 1:17pm
Day 2: "Say Anything" vs. "Raising Arizona"

I have a passion for collecting off-beat eighty's classics on VHS.

Tell me which movie you think I should watch.

Whichever flick garners the most votes, I will watch it the next day. Then I'll put up 2 more classics to choose from.

Previous Results:

Day 1: "Weird Science" over "Army of Darkness"


Beardwinner says:
Say Anything!
Cusack rules!
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 1:19pm -
Brian says:
Raising Arizona ... hands down

And also, Army of Darkness is 10x better than Weird Science IMO
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 1:19pm -
Johnny Rebellious says:
Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES

I have a pretty hefty collection of '80s films on VHS myself.

Raising Arizona is classic! I'd pick that over Say Anything any day.
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 1:21pm -
Chinese Wildman says:
Raising Arizona, no question.
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 1:23pm -
EdwardTeach says:
damn, i haven't seen either of these. Maybe I'll watch whichever one wins as well.

Also, I vote for army of darkness yesterday.

Though weird science works too.
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 1:25pm -
jason says:
split decision for me!
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 1:25pm -
Jar says:
Raising Arizona is one of the best movies ever. EVER!
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 1:35pm -
ThatGuy says:
OH, this one's easy. Raising Arizona. No contest.
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 1:41pm -
jnonfiction says:
I cannot weigh in with any authority on this poll.
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 1:47pm -
North Beard South says:
*Holds boombox over head
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 1:48pm -
michaeljstraub says:
well I missed yesterday's. My vote goes to Say Anything. I just love that Lloyd Dobler.

Fun fact (and possible coincidence), The baby on the cover of 'Raising Arizona' is Max Bemis, the lead singer of the band Say Anything
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 1:53pm -
Yogi Beard says:
Raising Arizona. Always.
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 3:09pm -
Sir Walshington says:
Raising Arizona. Only Cage movie I can stand. Plus, Cusack is a big thumbs down.
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 3:59pm -
North Beard South says:
"Weird Science", I'm really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but "Army of Darkness" is one of the best off-beat classics of all time. OF ALL TIME!!
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 4:19pm -
Grower&Shower says:
easy-- Raising Arizona.
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 4:51pm -
Methuselah says:
Raising Arizona by a nose hair.
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 5:09pm -
Beard Goggles says:
Say Anything. but it looks like everyone else wants Raising Arizona.
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 5:49pm -
McDooDoo says:
Absolutely, without a doubt, watch Raising Arizona. I like Say Anything, but you just can't beat some Unpainted Huffheinz!
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 6:46pm -
[j.kent.r] says:
Raising Arizona is my vote.
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 8:04pm -
Mok the Todd says:
Raising Arizona by far. Say Anything is nice and all. Lloyd Dobbs is a great guy, but come on H.I. McDunnough is the man.

Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 8:32pm -
Mok the Todd says:
Now musically, while i love the theme music to Raising Arizona, "oow, ooow-oow, ow, oooow-ow," gotta give the bow to Say Anything. who doesn't love "In Your Eyes"
Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 - 8:35pm -
mateo says:
Alright you Hayseeds!! Lets analyze the decision:

Now what you have here is favortisim. And over here you have who knows who...And well, you should watch Raising Arizona twice.
Posted: Jan 13th, 2010 - 4:26am -
robberfly says:
i'm late on the vote, bute
raising arizona!
Posted: Jan 13th, 2010 - 12:26pm -
hale. says:
i'm late too, but Raising Arizona, always.
Posted: Jan 13th, 2010 - 1:51pm -
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