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  • posted: February 28 @ 7:01pm
Goodbye Whiskerino!!! I loved it again! I have 245 more days to go! Follow along at http://www.whiskerino.org

I'll miss you all! Big thanks to Mackle for running this show. Hopefully he relents and brings back the magic in six or eight years.


Moxie says:
I'll only miss you for a little while. Because lets face it... I'm definitely coming up there sometime in the near future.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 7:02pm -
Welfare Fun says:
hahaha! not at whiskerino.org. that's my bad. Follow along at CLAME
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 7:08pm -
mattyc says:
it has been a lot of fun hasn't it.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 7:17pm -
Pip says:
See you around, man! It was great growing with you these months, and meeting you last week.

Take it easy, and be well.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 7:18pm -
Fofe says:
Got it bookmarked. Looking forward to seeing how this works out and to the eventual book. Good luck and take care.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 7:18pm -
Grower&Shower says:
Nice! You should check out the flickr yeard group if you can.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 7:19pm -
bobafred says:
grow grow grow.

sorry i missed you guys at the throwdown. hope to see you at some point. looking forward to keeping up with the yeard.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 7:32pm -
Robfrenzy says:
you have a fierce and beastly beard and I have enjoyed it much!
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 7:33pm -
Phil says:
Your beard is so awesome. thanks for sharing it with us!
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 8:13pm -
mackle says:
site bookmarked. I am curious to see how this whole experience ends up treating you. If THAT is your growth Four Months in how in the WORLD are you going to survive with a yeard? I hope your body is able to survive entirely on meals of hair because it looks like that is what you'll be eating.

You're doing a brave thing with that Yeard and I am flattered to have Whiskerino be the kickoff to it.

If you're ever in the Nashville zone, drop me a line. I'll be happy to meetup for some drinks.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 8:27pm -
hale. says:
beard onward!!!!! good luck with the yeard. it was a challnge i could not meet. i hope you fare better.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 8:38pm -
Ula O cealleigh says:
your beard is MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you must keep it.

also, we were tight in 07'. we were not so tight in 09' this time around.
im not sure why that was but i was a little sad about it.

i still love ya.
& thankyou for 07 especialy. you helped me through that big time.

peace man :)
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 8:44pm -
dizzywizard says:
it has been a pleasure growing beard with you.
great shot. that is one big beard you have. well growed!

Slán agus go n-éirí an bóthar leat

Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 9:29pm -
Barefoot says:
We are all still jealous of your beard.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 10:50pm -
Army of Whiskers says:
From one big beard to the next, you facial hair is massive. It's been a pleasure. See you around.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 10:58pm -
Ace says:
evan... you crazy. but i will still be reading theyeard. ive actually been enjoying it to be honest. keep it up dude. later.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 11:03pm -
Noelix says:
I'm pretty sure I can make out your forehead in one of those group shots... I'll be following your yeardly progress so I'll see you on there. Great having you back this time man. Take care.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 11:43pm -
robberfly says:
It was great growing and showing with you. Best wishes!
Posted: Mar 1st, 2010 - 4:46am -
brandon says:
Not everyone knows this, but you have the best beard on here.

True story.

Take care!
Posted: Mar 1st, 2010 - 9:35am -
Dschonn says:
Your beard is a force to be reckoned with, and since I have now bookmarked your blog, I will follow its progress to ridiculous sizes and beyond. Keep it up, you can do it. I believe in you.
Posted: Mar 1st, 2010 - 1:23pm -
Eric the Beard says:
Your beard! So amazing! Thanks for the inspiration and way to have huge beard genes!
Posted: Mar 1st, 2010 - 8:34pm -
l_etranger_ says:
so good to have bearded with you!
Posted: Mar 1st, 2010 - 11:26pm -
Site closed!
Whiskerino. fin.