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  • posted: February 25 @ 7:01pm
I have been going to this one Chinese place for the better part of 20 years. Best wonton soup in town.

This Chinese Eagle print is the owner's favorite in the shop, so it gets a place right in the front lobby.


ThatGuy says:
That print is pretty great, and your beard looks longer and longer every day. Such greatness.
Posted: Feb 25th, 2010 - 7:08pm -
mackle says:
eagles love wonton soup
Posted: Feb 25th, 2010 - 7:09pm -
Fofe says:
I love Chinese food. I'm glad the eagle isn't aiming for your head here!
Posted: Feb 25th, 2010 - 7:16pm -
Poe says:
I will be in Austin in two weeks - perhaps we can grab lunch.
Posted: Feb 25th, 2010 - 7:22pm -
jnonfiction says:
Wonton soup is actually made of eagles.
Posted: Feb 25th, 2010 - 7:44pm -
Pip says:
Posted: Feb 25th, 2010 - 8:17pm -
mattyc says:
me like china foo
Posted: Feb 25th, 2010 - 8:48pm -
Grown Unknown says:
Stay away from the Phoenix Claw.
Posted: Feb 25th, 2010 - 10:46pm -
Absolutely says:
i would eat chinese food right now until i went into a coma. food coma.
Posted: Feb 26th, 2010 - 1:34am -
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