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  • posted: December 29 @ 8:59am
Today's photo is both my tribute to @Pip (well, the pose, anyway) as well as showing another bit of art around our house.

This wonderful sculpture is by our good friend, Linda Johnson, and depicts our mini schnauzer, Harry (whom you may recall from here). Previous arts have been showcased here and here.


ThatGuy says:
NIce @pip. Way to go.
Posted: Dec 29th, 2009 - 9:01am -
super_structure says:
I failed to mention (despite all those links) that the sculpture is raku pottery and was given to us as a wedding present by Linda and her husband, David.
Posted: Dec 29th, 2009 - 9:03am -
folliclejuju says:
pip'in' it up! hey, our pips castle in the layout every third upload! cool!
Posted: Dec 29th, 2009 - 9:12am -
Brian says:
You know ... in many lands "The Pip" is known as art all by itself. The ultimate artistic expresson.
Posted: Dec 29th, 2009 - 9:36am -
Paragone says:
well done. placement on the beer bottle is key.
Posted: Dec 29th, 2009 - 9:47am -
SoulGlo1976 says:
Very cool statue.
Posted: Dec 29th, 2009 - 10:48am -
Yogi Beard says:
Dig it. What's the drink?
Posted: Dec 29th, 2009 - 11:38am -
super_structure says:
@yogibeard CLAME it's Fat Tire from New Belgium. Currently, my favorite. The cap is still on because it was 10:00 am and I'm working today.
Posted: Dec 29th, 2009 - 11:46am -
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