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  • posted: December 29 @ 4:13pm
"Considering the multitude of mortals that handle the pen in these days, and can mostly spell, and write without glaring violations of grammar, the question naturally arises: How is it, then, that no work proceeds from them, bearing any stamp of authenticity and permanence; of worth for more than one day?" - Thomas Carlyle (1832)

"To write is to become disinterested. There is a certain renunciation in art." - Albert Camus

"A writer and nothing else: a man alone in a room with the English language, trying to get human feelings right." - John K. Hutchens

"In good writing, words become one with things." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


mynameisjason says:
i believe it.
Posted: Dec 29th, 2009 - 4:41pm -
KimJongIllness says:
Fascinating! Great quotes. Kind of makes me wish I were a writer...
Posted: Dec 29th, 2009 - 5:12pm -
Johnny Rebellious says:
LOVE those quotes.
Posted: Dec 29th, 2009 - 5:53pm -
Johnny Rebellious says:
and your stance is very John Cusack-esque from Say Anything.
Posted: Dec 29th, 2009 - 5:54pm -
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