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  • posted: November 04 @ 5:24am
harrier times


HiImTerry says:
You'll never be able to leave the country looking like this.
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 5:25am -
robberfly says:
meant to say 'hairier times'....0h well.

i was once told by a TSA member that i looked like i belonged on 'america's most wanted'.

pic circa 2003
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 5:27am -
Robozo says:
I agree with HiIm Terry - good luck trying to get through customs with that discrepancy.
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 5:41am -
robberfly says:
Hopefully I won't have a need to leave until the beard has grown in...

I've actually regretted having that as my passport pic, since I cut my hair later that year and haven't grown it back as long since.
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 5:46am -
jnonfiction says:
you're looking pretty suspicious. except you're so not.
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 7:08am -
mattyc says:
I currently have the least amount of hair that I've had in my adult life.
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 8:40am -
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