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  • posted: November 09 @ 9:19pm
Wishing it was colder so that I could start rocking my argyle sweaters. This is my newest one.


stephen says:
that is a great sweater.
Posted: Nov 9th, 2009 - 9:23pm -
Matty O says:
Shorty shorty how you get so fly?
Posted: Nov 9th, 2009 - 9:23pm -
KimJongIllness says:
How many do you have? Do you have socks to match (=total radness IMHO)?
Posted: Nov 9th, 2009 - 9:25pm -
Red Beard says:
I believe I have 10 sweaters, a belt, and socks. I just love the argyle.
Posted: Nov 9th, 2009 - 9:31pm -
Grown Unknown says:
Argyle does make the best sweaters.
Posted: Nov 9th, 2009 - 9:32pm -
Chuck Damage says:
You look like an amazing man in that sweater.
Posted: Nov 9th, 2009 - 10:02pm -
Voltron says:
That sweater looks awesome on you
Posted: Nov 10th, 2009 - 1:49am -
pastor says:
10 sweaters is alot of sweaters. but you look good in it. better with a beard though.
Posted: Nov 10th, 2009 - 2:33am -
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