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  • posted: November 23 @ 6:13pm
Melanie tried to get her name changed today and we noticed our wedding certificate hadn't been signed by the officiant (Anthony C.) He was at the kickball game so we brought it down for him to sign. It's appropriate, as Melanie and I met on this same field.


Finn MacCool says:
Cool story.
Posted: Nov 23rd, 2009 - 6:14pm -
Johnny Rebellious says:
Agreed! That's no coincidence there.
Posted: Nov 23rd, 2009 - 6:39pm -
Heyzeus says:
Well, congrats! Now that it's official.
Posted: Nov 23rd, 2009 - 6:46pm -
KMS says:
Posted: Nov 23rd, 2009 - 6:52pm -
Pip says:
King'd for story and awesome moment captured.
Posted: Nov 23rd, 2009 - 7:06pm -
shularbrau says:
so, uh, legally what was the deal until now?
Posted: Nov 23rd, 2009 - 7:13pm -
Patrick says:
@shularbrau: We'd gotten the "real" form signed and turned in to the government, this is just the one for framing and submitting to change last names and such.
Posted: Nov 23rd, 2009 - 9:03pm -
RyRy says:
King'd because I like the story and your wife is super awesome.

...oh, and I was in the wedding. See you later this week!
Posted: Nov 23rd, 2009 - 11:09pm -
c dub says:
crazy. how'd anthony's team do?
Posted: Nov 24th, 2009 - 8:35pm -
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