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  • posted: November 04 @ 9:02pm
Whiskerino field trip to New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins CO


S3AN says:
This is extremely cool!
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 9:07pm -
Brandon Hill says:
haha, hilarious. great work.
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 9:07pm -
Furricane says:
have brew, will travel.
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 9:10pm -
Curtiss says:
This is great, and that's an awesome field trip!
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 9:12pm -
blackbeard says:
fantastic. sorry i missed it. was in boulder all day. had a 2below tonight to make up for it.
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 9:14pm -
ben says:
i past out and just woke up...whoops
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 9:24pm -
Army of Whiskers says:
Where did you find that big glass?
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 9:25pm -
Sageish says:
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 9:31pm -
flainez says:
Very good!
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 9:40pm -
Fincannon says:
oh, some new belgium brew sounds so tasty.
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 9:58pm -
jarrodms says:
Sorry you couldnt make it... we were really excited about having all the fort collins beard growers there
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 10:54pm -
jarrodms says:
@army of whiskers
At the new belgium brewery they were like 6 bucks.... a small price to pay for an awsome beer glass
Posted: Nov 4th, 2009 - 10:55pm -
jnonfiction says:
you could get lost in there.
Posted: Nov 5th, 2009 - 3:56am -
Jar says:
oh man, mecca!
Posted: Nov 5th, 2009 - 5:00am -
Dave says:
I had never heard of New Belgium until last Christmas at my uncles house... Its about the only beer I have drank since....
Posted: Nov 5th, 2009 - 6:04am -
Brian says:
Posted: Nov 5th, 2009 - 6:35am -
bananaknuckles says:
great pic
Posted: Nov 5th, 2009 - 10:53am -
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