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  • posted: November 16 @ 5:56am
It was hard climbing onto my scanner this morning...


folliclejuju says:
hah, nicely done!
Posted: Nov 16th, 2009 - 6:13am -
ThatGuy says:
but you did it. Great job. Good luck climbing out of it.
Posted: Nov 16th, 2009 - 8:42am -
Sir Squire says:
Once I dreamt of giving birth via my navel. It was a horrifying experience, and you remind me of it here.

I feel uncomfortable.
Posted: Nov 16th, 2009 - 3:09pm -
Sir Squire says:
Nice job, by the way. Way to fill the frame.
Posted: Nov 16th, 2009 - 3:11pm -
GrizzlyDex says:
Thanks Squire... I need to do a series of these... submerged or faux submerged/contorted/smooshed. My poor face.
Posted: Nov 16th, 2009 - 8:06pm -
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