Whiskerino 2009

No trimming! No shaping! Embrace the Whiskerino!

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  • posted: February 27 @ 8:57pm
Self explanatory. Thanks everyone.


mattyc says:
does that mean your theme is over?
Posted: Feb 27th, 2010 - 9:00pm -
Twisted Sistare says:
Thank YOU, sir.
Posted: Feb 27th, 2010 - 9:02pm -
Fofe says:
Thank you. If I didn't say it sometime in the last 4 months, you've got an awesome beard. Great growing with you.
Posted: Feb 27th, 2010 - 9:25pm -
Karl says:
no, thank you. loved the theme, it's been great growing. don't stop rocking!
Posted: Feb 27th, 2010 - 10:46pm -
Moxie says:
We'll be seeing YOU this summer at the track! And I will likely lose miserably all season in street prep class.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 7:01pm -
Site closed!
Whiskerino. fin.