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  • posted: November 02 @ 7:02pm
Replacement beard keeps the face warm, but you don't look nearly as wise when stroking it.


bobafred says:
did you knit that?
Posted: Nov 2nd, 2009 - 7:05pm -
Johnny Rebellious says:
I'll agree with your caption... you don't look wise - you look like you have a tooth ache. Don't worry, Nature's scarf will sprout from your face soon enough
Posted: Nov 2nd, 2009 - 7:07pm -
ForeverinGreen says:
is that knitting, or crochet?
Posted: Nov 2nd, 2009 - 7:08pm -
Patchy Stache says:
I hope your beard is actually that color.
Posted: Nov 2nd, 2009 - 7:12pm -
ThatGuy says:
NIce. So funny. I think it looks very wise.
Posted: Nov 2nd, 2009 - 7:17pm -
Brandon Hill says:
you almost fooled me but i don't think that's stubble, that's a scarf.
Posted: Nov 2nd, 2009 - 7:18pm -
Gavin says:
if your beard covers your ears like that i'm gonna be jealous
Posted: Nov 2nd, 2009 - 7:32pm -
chance says:
Ah... the ole afghan beard. Warm. Soft. Fuzzy. All in all: deceiving.
Posted: Nov 2nd, 2009 - 8:52pm -
alijoon says:
you are talented.
Posted: Nov 2nd, 2009 - 9:44pm -
SayWhatSki says:
i feel like you replacement beard is also more combustible. I'ld avoid open flames.
Posted: Nov 2nd, 2009 - 10:58pm -
Chinese Wildman says:
It's the right color for fall, even. Tell me that's not style.
Posted: Nov 3rd, 2009 - 9:11am -
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