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  • posted: February 28 @ 4:15pm
Though my participation in Whiskerino was nothing short of unremarkable, I will say this: The personal experience has been one of self-realization. I’ve come to realize that my whiskers, however patchy, are mine and mine alone, and an extension of not just my body, but my person.

As I am prone to the reinvention of the self (at least in my mind), a physical transformation is called for. Yet, it is with great pleasure that I inform my fellow whiskerinos that in the last few weeks I’ve become quite attached to my beard, and it will be with much hesitation that I will put a blade to my face later tonight. (I believe I’ve put the missus through enough for now, and she’s been quite the sport.)

For what it’s worth, I promise you all that whenever I grow a beard in the future —as will certainly be the case—, the experience will be that much richer thanks to having participated in this adventure.

Thank you, @mackle, for making this all possible, and to the rest of the brotherhood —those fallen to shame included: Thank you for making it worthwhile.


Grower&Shower says:
Wow, thank you for this caption and for being here. Farewell for now.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 4:51pm -
mattyc says:
well... this is it.. it's time to say goodbye.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 6:37pm -
Phil says:
Stay beardy!
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 7:15pm -
mackle says:
you are welcome sir. I am glad it has affected you in such a way.

It's been a pleasure and a treat. Take care of yourself, your follicles and the missus.

Godspeed and Good Luck out there!
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 10:54pm -
agarzola says:
Thank you all for your comments, guys. I may me adopting skullbeard on my hide sometime in the next couple of months.
Posted: Feb 28th, 2010 - 11:20pm -
robberfly says:
It was great growing & showing with you. Best wishes!
Posted: Mar 1st, 2010 - 5:07am -
Army of Whiskers says:
120 days. No shaving. No small feat. We made it! Congrats.
Posted: Mar 1st, 2010 - 2:46pm -
Eric the Beard says:
Good luck to you and great bearding!
Posted: Mar 1st, 2010 - 7:54pm -
l_etranger_ says:
Good to have as much #colorado on here as possible. Bon voyage sir!
Posted: Mar 1st, 2010 - 10:13pm -
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