Whiskerino 2009

Who wouldn't want beard merch?

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Hot fresh Whiskerino 2009 Items

Skullbeard Badge

Courtesy of Furricane

Does this need explanation? It's the 2007 hale Skullbeard image made into button / badge form. You should already be clicking Buy.

3 for $3 USD

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Dharma Beard Tee

Courtesy of Shotgun Willie

A beautiful fusion of two equally unexplainable things - Whiskerino and LOST. What is this contest all about? How do you properly explain it to outsiders? How did we all get here? The t-shirt answers all.

$12 USD

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Various Whisker Tee's

Courtesy of Creole

Bumper stickers, I ♥ Beards Tees, I ♥ Whiskerino 2009, etc. Check em out!

Various Prices

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Whiskerino: Documentary

Courtesy of Fighting with Forks

Marko and Motke worked on a documentary during 2007's Whiskerino.. now, combined with 2009 power, we have an excellent short to all watch and enjoy.


Beardo Sketches

Courtesy of rnnbrwn

Amazing prints of Mackle, Elldub, cdub, OzzyNelson, Falfa, Poe and Renaud. Contact @rnnbrwn directly on how to get him the cash for these limited edition goodies.

$5.00 each - $25 all

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The Beard Medallion

Courtesy of Kid Static

Forged in the fires of Valhalla, each one is imbued with forces that none of us truly understand. When the women come crawling cat-like to your door, don't say he didn't warn you.

$12.00 USD

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The Great Beard Ship

Official 2009 Tee

We've all set sail on the Great Beard Ship known as Whiskerino and now you can wear the evidence quite literally. Shirt designed by BOSS Construction, printed on Light Steel Hanes Soft Tees. Similar sizing to American Apparel. These are Pre-orders, printing and shipping begins Feb 10th.

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$15.00 USD

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Icon Tee

Pixelated goodness

You've come to know them well, now show them off much to the bafflement of others. This tee, courtesy of jnonfiction features blown out versions of the functional icons we all click with great regularity.

Why limit your King/Fave'ing to the Internet?

$17.99 USD

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Also known as Badges

Courtesy of Chris Auel you can now flaunt your Whiskerino pride on any article of clothing, bag or penetrable surface! A variety of three available OR one free if you send a SASE!

Mandatory for life awesomeness upgrade.

$3.00 USD

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Beer Mug

For Holding Liquid

Courtesy of Rolf Bastard these Whiskerino mugs will hold all sorts of liquids, though those of the alcoholic beer variety are preferred.

Holds roughly 18 oz.


Various Goods!

Other items worthy of note

The King of Town

Beardo Coolness

While I don't recommend anyone sport this style of "beard" during the Whiskerino it's still an alluring print. Courtesy of Human Shaped Robot.

19" x 25"

$15.00 USD

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Beards are Swell

Golly gee, it's true!

Filled with raw meats, cartoons, vintage ads, and random Americana this print is a mish mash of beardo goodness.

18" x 24"

$15.00 USD

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Old Stock:

So what if they're from 2007?

Crusade Tee

Official Shirt #1

v. to exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end for a certain cause. The Whiskerino is a crusade to wrangle the power of the beard in which you are partaking.

Designed by JAM and Mackle, printed on American Apparel Cream color tees.

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$10.00 USD (no addtl shipping)

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Voyage Tee

Official Shirt #2

Whiskerino is both a voyage of time and comradery - not to mention the act of growing a massive beard. One day the passage of Whiskerino will be done but this shirt will live forever.

Designed by JAM and Mackle, printed on American Apparel Cream color tees.

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$10.00 USD (no addtl shipping)

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King Beard Tee

Official Shirt #3

Essentially from Nov 1st to Feb 29th you are a camera, you are a beard and (whether or not it is officially recognized) you are a King. A King Beard! This shirt takes that metaphor to the literal level.

Designed by JAM and Mackle, printed on American Apparel Heather Grey color tees.

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$10.00 USD (no addtl shipping)

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IPhone Wallpaper

Courtesy of jclutch

Remind yourself of Whiskerino at all times by using this iPhone wallpaper. Everytime you check the time or receive a text message the thought will cross your mind - oh yea, I have a totally awesome beard. What more do you need?


Beard Formula Desktop

Courtesy of BrandonHill

Featured backdrop for Brandon Hill and his King Beard winning entry on Nov. 13th, 2009. Complete with the missing element from Jar.


Beard Envy Desktop

Courtesy of Whiskerbert

If you think Whiskerino is good now, wait until February when you have an incredible beard to go with it. Use this desktop, courtesy of Whiskerbert, to remind yourself of the Beard Envy all others will feel.


Old Man Mackle Desktop

Courtesy of Whiskerbert

There's nothing better than a desktop reminder from future me to remind you that participation makes Whiskerino such a good time - posting images is essential! Never forget it. Courtesy of Whiskerbert.


What's A Bazaar?

noun · a shop where a variety of goods are sold

What's A Whiskerino Bazaar?

Put simply, it is the "store" section of the site.

To elaborate, it is the portion of the site where users can peddle their wares. If you have something that you'd like to create and share with fellow participants through the exchange of monetary goods, this is the place to make that happen. All proceeds go towards the vendor, no monies will be deducted from a participant to share their creations. There will be Official Merchandise, goods created by Participants and various items found outside of the Whiskerino environment that are just too appropriate to pass up on.

If you have an item that you'd like to see for sale here in the Bazaar, just drop an email to michael [at] yewknee [dot] com.

Can I Sell Something?

Absolutely! Make anything you think others may want to buy and then send Michael several pictures of the product as well as your PayPal ID so people can transfer money to you.

Why can't I just 'Add To Cart'?

Think of it like a flea market - if you found 10 things from 10 different people that you wanted to buy, you'd still have to pay each one individually. The same concept applies here.

I paid for something, now where is it?!

Please note, as stated above, all merchandise is handled through a different vendor so you must take up delivery with them. The North American Free Beard Agreement Whiskerino is not responsible for the handling of goods outside of the 'Official Merchandise' category. You must speak directly with the specific vendor handling the goods if you find yourself with payments made and no product delivered.