Whiskerino: Closed Until 2009
Introductory Luncheon
Free chips, great salsa and a chimichanga that you will dream about three months from now. Open to all!

Event Location: Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant · 1905 Hayes St. Nashville, TN
6pm - 10pm
Whiskerino Art Show
Curated by Jeremy Okai and featuring works by a veritable boatload of Whiskerino participants. If you are interested in participating, please contact Jeremy and know that your art must be present for the hanging to be in the show. Open to all.

Event Location: Take 121 Arts · 121 3rd Ave S. Nashville, TN
Breakfast and Brew
Unofficially descend upon local coffeehouse for some coffee and delicious breakfast. Please note, NOT an official event - just a suggestion.

Event Location: Fido · 1812 21st Ave. S. (Hillsboro Village) Nashville, TN
1pm - 3pm
We've got the entire alley for two hours. So come over and throw some rocks, drink some beer, and enjoy some good manly comradery.

Event Location: PlaMore Lanes · 2906 Foster Creighton Dr. Nashville, TN
5pm - 9pm
Dinner And Drinks
Please come wearing something a little nicer than a t-shirt and jeans if you can. Beards can look respectable too. Entry will be $20 to cover cost of venue and food. RSVP'ed (and special cases) only.

Event Location: The Boundry · 911 20th Ave S. Nashville, TN
9pm - 2am
Rock Show
Musical goodness brought to you by the likes of Codaphonic, Kid Static and Protomen. The venue is not as large as I'd like but don't sleep on your arrival! Open to RSVP and non-RSVP but remember, don't spread the word too much or you won't even be able to get in.

Event Location: French Quarter Cafe · 823 Woodland St. Nashville, TN

The details of the weekend are still being confirmed to the fullest before being officially announced but part of that process is determining just exactly how many people are planning on attending. To help in this process, please just enter in the form below and hit Send It!

If you can't make it to the Official Final Throwdown we'll understand but you'll be missed. Be sure to keep an eye on the news for other upcoming events that you may be able to attend.

If you CAN attend please be sure to include the number of non-participants you plan to bring along with you, we'd love to have them along.


132 Participants / 205 RSVP'ed

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Just The Details

Who: You (hopefully)

What: A Whiskerino Wrap-Up Celebration

When: Feb 22nd, 23rd, 24th

Where: Nashville, TN

Why: Four months is a long time with no reward

How: By any means necessary

If you're coming from out of town I suggest bookmarking this map to help you find all sorts of places around town.


Thanks to Ell Dub we now have official accomodations.

Ramada Limited @ the Stadium
303 Interstate Drive
Nashville, TN 37213 United States of America
Phone: 615-244-6690 Fax: 615-742-0932

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Past Events

Saturday, Jan 26th, 11am
Jack Daniels Distillery Tour
Meet at Blue Coast Burrito in Smyrna, TN
Please RSVP with motke if you plan to attend

Saturday, Jan 26th, 9pm
Hideous Sweater / Magnamous Beard Party
luckyfish · 161 Mangum St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313
brought to you by C Dub

Saturday, Feb 2nd, 3pm
Laser, Pizza, Beer, Beards
Joplin, MO meetup at Starbucks on 4th St.
brought to you by Cheesecake

Saturday, Feb 9th, 3pm
Los Angeles, CA.
Meet at Pickwick Bowl, then afterwards we will head to the Cha Cha lounge to hang out and further our interaction.

Saturday, Feb 9th, 2pm
Glasgow, UK
Starting off the day, 2pm at Hotshots, Springfield Quay. After that, who knows?! Please contact Establishment for more info.

Saturday, Feb 9th, 3pm
Charlottesville, VA area
Meeting at Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet at 3pm for a tasting/tour. We'll probably head back to Cville after that and grab some food. The rest is unknown.