Whiskerino: Closed Until 2009


Growing and Showing for 121 days
Twenty-Three Years
Poland, Ohio
Full-time college student majoring in Exercise Science and a full-time Associate Manager at a movie theatre. Oh and I like growing a beard.

I let my beard grow wild for a six month period from September 2006 through March 2007. That's the current record. Pics can be found on my flickr page above. This year I'm gonna try pushing for eight months. My boss'll LOVE that.

Recent Movies I've Seen:
Semi-Pro: 7.5/10
Step Up 2 The Streets: 7/10
No Country For Old Men: 8/10
American Gangster: 7.5/10
Dedication: 7.5/10
Gone Baby Gone: 7/10
Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?: 7/10
Rambo (2008): 7/10
Michael Clayton: 8/10
Live Free Or Die Hard (PG-13 Cut): 7.5/10