Whiskerino: Closed Until 2009

Obey Maach

Growing and Showing for 121 days
Twenty-Six Years
Eastside Hood (raising the Rudolph) in Nashvegas - all the way from sunny Brighton beach in GREAT Britain!
"The Legend of Obey Maach - The Bearded Warrior" Born on a brisk morning in the moors of Yorkshire, England this nomadic wanderer of the world has seen many adventures across lands unknown. Now in the age of winter in Nashville Tennessee he finds himself growing a beard with a clan of fine folk across the nation. The purpose may be hazey but his passion and focus is nothing but pure, unadulterated dedication to the cause. As he enters each day into battle against the dark forces of the the shaven faced orcs of the nether world we hear his cry.. "Fellow beard warriors we are united in this common cause - let nothing come between us!"