Whiskerino: Closed Until 2009

Mark 9schwander

Growing and Showing for 121 days
Twenty-Two Years
Joplin, MO

"To my dearest sister..."

a sister. Whaddya know....

"I know you said I shouldn't have lied to the detective about the gnome having been stolen by that unnamed criminal, the boss who runs this town like a puppet show. But I had to get it back... we both know its' value, sentimental to you and in other ways to me..."

I shoulda known this angel's halo was a little too bright to be real...

"...I know now that the boss has caught on that I've sent the detective and the other after him. I can't keep them all strung along without everything tumbling. So if something should happen to me, here's the one thing I've had all this time that you didn't; the combination."

then some numbers. Combination?! Nothing like a clue that leads nowhere to gum up the works.