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Growing and Showing for 121 days
Twenty Years
Tomball, Tx
---Taken From Virb---

I am Zach McNair.
Born and raised in Texas, I am the son of Jaime and Dan McNair.
Jaime, who passed away my 9th grade year, was more of the artist in the family.
English was her thing. She also had this crazy appreciation for all of God's creation.
I'd like to think I'm more like her.
Dan, was and is quite the horse trainer. I'm not to sure what I get from him except my bad habit of procrastination. I'm working on that. I promise.

You hear Texas and think horses.
Yes, I rode a few good horses in my day.
From birth 'til 5th grade, I was your average cowboy.

5th grade proved to be a big year..
I rode in my last horse show, Christ saved me, my grandmother (mom's side) passed away, and I shed my last tear. I don't know why I shed my last tear that year, but I did.

7th grade proved to be the first step in life-definition..
I got involved in multi-media (powerpoint, websites, running sound, etc..) @ church.
Needless to say, it was a seed that would start something huge later on.
Along with that year, though, Satan started tempting me w/ lust of the pornography and masturbation area. I had no clue what it was then and wouldn't realize the effects 'til later down the road.

9th grade proved to be the heaviest year of my life up to that point..
A month and a half into my school year, my mom passed away. It's not fully known if it was by her own doing or if it was just natural cause, but nonetheless, she passed away. Remember how I said I shed my last tear in 5th grade? Nothing about this fact of life changed. I still didn't cry.
That hit hard, but I still had my dad and sister.
Three months later, my dad started dating a momon (with 8 kids.) He, in a way, abandoned my sister and me to pursue this woman. A month later, they moved in with one another. That really struck a nerve. It brought up a lot of questions, and the answers never made sense.
In a way to find some sort of comfort, I became very self-absorbed. I became better acquainted with lust and on a more regular basis. The nights when my dad would leave us home alone and when my sister was asleep, I'd spend hours in front of the computer trying to find the image that would save me. I never found it. I became empty. Nights of searching for something untouchable to give me life and let me feel again. ..all a waste.
I eventually was asked to go to Scotland to run sound for and DJ a skate-park ministry that was being started. So, the day before I left, I prayed to God and put him on the line saying, "Dude, if you don't capture me and never let me go, I'm going to let you go. I can't call myself a Christian and chase after images and feelings that leave me empty."
I went to Scotland to do mission work for about 45 days. I came back to a home that was totally not what I had ever thought it would be. A few months later, my current parents got married. When they first got married, there were roughly ten of us under one roof.

Not too terribly long after my parents marriage, my dad and my sister became members of the mormon church. This left me to be the only one in my family who believed the way I did.

Finally, I graduated high school in '05. Shortly after graduating, I started working @ Eleven2, INC, a web-site hosting company based out of the Houston area. Also, the winter after graduating, I started a band with a couple of guys and we named it The Cardinal Rise.

Having only played one show w/ a drummer prior to competing in a Houston Area battle of the bands vs. 48 bands not our style, we some how managed to get 3rd place. Hard to imagine that almost a year later we'd do something like that. Especially with only playing with a drummer for maybe a few weeks.

And so now it is 2007. I have since moved out of my home, TCR is still on a roll, and I'm sure there is a lot that I've not mentioned, but I'll come back to this bio. My life is being written daily.

I am a man. I am a man who still struggles. I'm sure I will with one thing or another for as long as I live. That's life. Sin is birthed in all of us. If it wasn't for Christ, though, I'd be no one. I'm still no one, but I'd be less for sure.

More to be added later, but for now, shoot me a message.
I'll reply one of these days.

Rock on and rock out.