Whiskerino: Closed Until 2009


Growing and Showing for 121 days
Twenty-Eight Years
Nashville, TN
i like beards! they grow easily on me.

Growing up in a wondrous land filled with dragons and butterflies, young benfRank found himself armed only with a camera. He began to defend himself from the dastardly critters with the blinding light of the flash. As it turned out, he got some pretty cool pictures and thus began a deep love for the art of photography. He soon began spending his allowance on silly things like film and photo developing, rather than the more useful things purchased by his peers (baseball cards, He-Man toys, BB guns, etc.). When the time came for him to ride his trusty steed (Ezmerelda, an '88 Toyota Camry) off to college, he took his cameras with him. While earning his degree in graphic design, our intrepid hero took numerous classes in photography, discovering a fascination for experimenting in the darkroom.
Since college, our fearless knight has been on many great quests, doing freelance print and web design for a great number of music industry nobles and spending time as an art director for a record label. He began to shoot many of the photos for his design projects himself, increasing his love for photography. His heroic history provides him with a unique vision and distinct understanding of the importance (and mystical power) of a fantastic image. benfRank currently lives in his castle in the land of Nashville, TN with his savage lady and two enchanting canine beasts.