Whiskerino: Closed Until 2009

Official Whiskerino Merch

Crusade Tee

Official Shirt #1

v. to exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end for a certain cause. The Whiskerino is a crusade to wrangle the power of the beard in which you are partaking.

Designed by JAM and Mackle, printed on American Apparel Cream color tees.

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$10.00 USD (no addtl shipping)
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Voyage Tee

Official Shirt #2

Whiskerino is both a voyage of time and comradery - not to mention the act of growing a massive beard. One day the passage of Whiskerino will be done but this shirt will live forever.

Designed by JAM and Mackle, printed on American Apparel Cream color tees.

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$10.00 USD (no addtl shipping)
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King Beard Tee

Official Shirt #3

Essentially from Nov 1st to Feb 29th you are a camera, you are a beard and (whether or not it is officially recognized) you are a King. A King Beard! This shirt takes that metaphor to the literal level.

Designed by JAM and Mackle, printed on American Apparel Heather Grey color tees.

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$10.00 USD (no addtl shipping)
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Participant Made Merch

Whiskerino Skull Print

via hale! ryan!

Limited run of 200 numbered prints featuring this original bearded skull with a special message contained within his skeletal folicles. Print measurements are 5" x 7".

$7.00 USD (no addtl shipping)

World Beard Poster

via jake

Limited edition of 30 prints on 100lb French paper. Measures 12.5" x 19" and features a wonderful 2 color print of the world with a beard; as it should be.



via Renaud / JNonFiction

Do you comprehend the full Whiskerino lexicon? Do you hog all the awesome? Well, sounds like you're an Awesomehogger. Now tell the world and buy the shirt.

Whiskerino Print

via Mason Bernard / Drew

Commissioned by Mason Beard by his pal Drew. 9x12 inch silkscreen print on strathmore archival paper with a half inch border for framing. hand-printed in an edition of 200. signed and numbered.

$20.00 USD (no addtl shipping)

Official Poster

via avast!

Edition of 30 prints printed on 140 French Madero Beach Muscletone Paper. 4 colors: Cyan, Glow in the Dark Yello, Magenta and semi-sparkly gunmetal black. Hand-printed, signed & numbered.

$15.00 USD (no addtl shipping)

Posters Offset

via avast!

Edition of 20 one off prints. Printed on 140 French Madero Beach Muscletone Paper with unique variations of colors on each print. Most have gunmetal ink on top, some have semi clear / sparkly varnish, some not at all. None the same. Unique bearded snowflakes.

$15.00 USD (no addtl shipping)

Posters Mono Print

via avast!

Edition of 15 prints on various papers collaged on top of prior projects from Boss Construction. Please see this Flickr set for examples. You may request a specific print if it is still available.

$20.00 USD (no addtl shipping)

Posters Set

via avast!

All three poster styles (Regular, One Off, Mono Print) together at once! A variety pack to rule all variety packs!

$45.00 USD (no addtl shipping)

Icicles Hing Frae ...

via Establishment

After watching him create these prints, Establishment has now made a limited piece run of Icicles Hing Frae Their Beards. Get them while you can.

A4-sized, professionally reproduced print (1 of 50), signed, numbered and dated.

Beard Ornaments

via S.P. Dinsmoor

Stitched together using felt and thread, stuffed with fluff, and topped with a loop of yarn for easy hanging these little Beard Ornaments are the perfect (and most appropriate) decoration for your Holiday celebrations.


via Phil

Whiskerbears are mysterious little creatures with unfathomable powers endowed by their flowing beards.

Phil is making one Whiskerbear every day to celebrate Whiskerino 2007. They're all unique and made without a pattern, they are custom made just for you.

Whiskerino Cards

via Creole

Business cards that you personalize and hand out to instantly answer all the queries from inquiring minds regarding your massive beard growth.

Beard Merch From The Outside World


by Fadely ORiginals

Handmade, hand printed cards with a blank speech bubble perfect for your carding needs - featuring a bearded man on a bike!


by Ashley G

A variety of illustrated prints featuring the best in facial hair - the beard. There are lots of variations so be sure to browse around to explore your options.

They Grow On You

by Busted Tees

Sometimes the most obvious statements are the most overlooked. Indeed it is true, Beards - They Grow On You.

AJW Beard Tee

by Art In The Age...

A bearded face displayed below your bearded face.

Facial Hair Shirt

by Wire & Twine

Granted, there are some solo moustaches mixed in but this collage of facial hair is an incredible tribute to the bearded lifestyle. Use whiskerino as your discount code for 20% off!

Beware of Beard

by Turn Nocturnal

Forget the skull and crossbones - this is the Beard and Crossbones. You can either showcase your bearded pride or use it as a substitute beard if you're feeling low.

Beard-Bandana Scarf

by Art In The Age...

Protect your beard from the harsh elements of the outside world with this bandana without having to lose the aesthetic of having a beard.

What's A Bazaar?

1. a shop where a variety of goods are sold
2. a sale of miscellany

What's A Whiskerino Bazaar?

Put simply, it is the "store" section of the site.

To elaborate, it is the portion of the site where users can peddle their wares. If you have something that you'd like to create and share with fellow participants through the exchange of monetary goods, this is the place to make that happen. All proceeds go towards the vendor, no monies will be deducted from a participant to share their creations. There will be Official Merchandise, goods created by Participants and various items found outside of the Whiskerino environment that are just too appropriate to pass up on.

If you have an item that you'd like to see for sale here in the Bazaar, just drop an email to michael [at] yewknee [dot] com.

How Does This Work?

All of the merchandise shown here is made available from different "vendors" (aka Participants) and, thus, all of the Buy It links go out to the separate vendors. The only downside to this is that there is no central Shopping Cart and you'll have to make multiple payments if you wish to buy multiple goods. However, this does allow people to sell their goods quickly and easily.

Where's My Order!?

Please note, as stated above, all merchandise is handled through a different vendor so you must take up delivery with them. The North American Free Beard Agreement Whiskerino is not responsible for the handling of goods outside of the 'Official Merchandise' category. You must speak directly with the specific vendor handling the goods if you find yourself with payments made and no product delivered.