Whiskerino: Closed Until 2009


Growing and Showing for 121 days
Twenty-Three Years
Central Coast of California
click the link above to see my photos from the throwdown.

this thing aint over yet. its just the beginning. keep in touch beardos.

AIM: spadelink

Special thanks go to:

-Mackle, of course, for making this all possible. way to be awesome. as well as all of those in the shadows that we do not see that help make Whiskerino possible, thank you.

-all the late night chatters for making me stay up all night then making me really tired and late for work the next morning. those were the nights that i will for sure miss.

-all of you who helped get me to the throwdown in nashville through way of donations. seriously made me believe the community on here is quite powerful and amazing. and one of the best trips that ive had in quite a while.

-Kaitlyn, Sierra, my roommates, friends and anyone else that i came in contact with and had help with/be in/take my photo for that day. (and fritz on bearded stranger day too!)

-Gavin, for being the first person whiskerino to actually talk with me on the phone therefore securing the fact that you people were actually be real. and being the first guy on here that i had a chance with to actually talk to about whiskerino. (neither of us knew anybody else from the beginning, so to be able to talk to someone on whiskerino about it was so awesome let me tell ya...) and for just being a really great guy with an even greater beard that i still covet even to this day.

-Wonder Made, for chatting with me at least once a day everyday towards the latter half of whiskerino about everything and nothing. some of my best moments on here were talking to this awesome guy. if you dont know him you should just to get some rousing conversation out of him. ill miss chatting with ya jugs. dont lose touch.

-Mcshorts, and although he was shamed, he was also one my first friends on whiskerino. and he was constantly entertaining, chatting with him about everything from what abbott was doing while he was at work or until the wee hours of the morning about music and pony islands.

-General Lee, another shamed one, but probably the most awesome dudes ever. anyone with that many antlers in his house has to be amazing... or a gun fanatic.

-everyone that helped get me my two king beard wins. i really appreciate and cherish them very much. thank you.

-Googly-eyed Wesley, for being more popular in my photos than i myself would ever really be. way to be ya jerk...

-Chris, for being one of the nicest and beloved guys on whiskerino. not to mention a cool guy in person too. thanks for the chats and memories. i love the robeardo family.

-Mims Attack, for hating me at the throwdown and continuing to do so even after. actually, mims is an righteous fella all around and a guy i had an easy time talking with in person. one that i hope to keep in contact with in the future. (i love myspace friends!)

-Brandon, one of my favorites that i am disappointed that i never met in person but hopefully will someday. another awesome guy that i hope to know better in the future.

-C Dub, for also being awesome and one of my favorites. inspirational is what this man is to me. and i love the new shoes!

-JustieJust, for being my honorary filipino brother from another mother and being one of my first whiskerino friends, not to mention being a stellar dude. you rule man.

-and lastly, Ryan Hale, for being the amazing individual that he is and introducing me to something very special called whiskerino. and for eating ice cream, video taping it and uploading it on the internet for all to enjoy.