Whiskerino Throwdown - February 24th - 26th, 2006

more beards than you care to shake a stick at

After a period of roughly One Hundred And Twenty Days it is customary for bearded brethern to gather together in the celebration of their masculinity. Throughout the ages bearded men have traveled this Great World of ours to wax philosophic, imbibe spirits and strengthen their bonds of friendship. The Great North American Free Beard Agreement is no different in this respect. On February 24th, 2006 the lay of the land in Nashville, TN (The Great Salt Lick) will be open to all bearded compatriots, their families, friends, and various loved ones.

Bearded Gathering
Beards become the bond of lifetime friendships. Evidence is seen here.

Schedule of Events

what are we doing exactly?

Attending participants are asked to come expecting a flexible itinerary of loosely planned events. Below you will find a suggested outline of events that could take place with your help:

Please keep in mind that this itinerary is subject to change. Be a buddy, keep in touch to make sure you know where everyone is eventually going.

Friday, Feb. 24th - A Band Of Beards
To begin the festivities of the weekend the bearded brothers will be treated to the musical stylings of Joshua Blankenship, Herr Neas, lowercase collective, Belize, and Codaphonic at the venue Spin located in East Nashville on Gallatin road (photos here, Google Maps here). Festivities will begin around roughly around 9:30pm CST.

Saturday, Feb. 25th - Beards and Buddies
At 6pm CST Whiskerino participants are asked to meet up at Le Peep / Ombi on Elliston place (Google Map link) for a feast followed by an open-to-the-public gathering of beard appreciation. Notice: We are honoring ourselves and each other tonight, press dress semi-formal.

Sunday, Feb. 26th - Breakfast with Beards
Many participants will be needing to find their way home on this day so scheduled meetups with be kept to a minimum. Breakfast is planned at Pancake Pantry on 21st Ave. Get there early and have the beard keep you warm, it is always overly packed.


Active Beards scheduled to appear

Mackle, Josh Cole, Falfa, Ronnie Brown, Green Jacket, jeremyokai, Chad Pugh, Herr Neas, Blankenship, creole, Cody, deucer, Chris Mikesell, dubstyle, jbowens, KC, benfRank, Josh, sibhod, Patrick, ben, Liam, Jesse Anjyl, Jimbolaya, Davis, uriah creep, jsleeper, chester the..., ryanhale, Paragone, MADPHILL, T-Hog, Corey, Robozo, dbox, Dave Knapp, Dr. Jones, Ryan Dwain Rayborn, bobby, Paul, J Andrew Taylor, Justie Just, ByronRaphael, Mateo, C Dub, D a v i d B e a n, meatee.t.j., sh4wn, Ozzy Nelson, Wells, Ziggy, Scrivener, jartymannetty, damnweather, webelrino, Poe, wilcoxjd, Jamie Holland, Creative Liberty

Other attendees expected

Robbie, Vaginarino Amy, Daniel Box, Vaginarino Cassandra, Vaginarino Katherine, Matthew J

Please email the Curator if you are a Hall of Shamed member / Whiskerino regular that will be attending the event.


Ronnie Brown has started the ball rolling by booking a room at Extended Stay America. Rates are roughly $104 a night. Rooms include small kitchen, workspace, and internet (with fee). Any hotel in the West End area will be satisfactory but likely expensive if you go solo. Buddy up with a bearded friend to help share costs.

Whiskerino Poster By Daniel Box