Now we all know that this is mostly fun and games, but we have to lay a little groundwork here.

Rules & Regulations


The contest will officially run from November 1st, 2005 until at least February 28th, 2006. Participants unable to fulfill this time period will have their accounts placed within the Whiskerino Hall Of Shame. Participation is still highly encouraged for any amount of time during these dates.

Figure 13
Figure 13:
A proper start for a Whiskerino entry. Notice entire face is clean shaven (A) and sideburns are shorn at the lobes (B).

He is quite the gentleman.

You must be clean shaven. This is the one rule that stands firm for a proper Whiskerino. Allowable hair types: eyebrows, eyelashes, sideburns, nose hair, ear hair. Sideburns must be trimmed to the earlobe (see Figure 13). Banned hair types: mutton chops, goatee, neck hair, moustaches. No exceptions.


According to Parker Brothers Beyond Balderdash the definition of a whiskerino is “a beard growing contest.” Participation in the North American Free Beard Agreement Whiskerino denotes that the participant will grow a beard. Refusal to grow a beard is not in the spirit of the contest. Note: Testerone levels differ in every male and all levels of growth, regardless of density and coverage, are encouraged. As long as the participant is not shaving the participant is growing a beard.


In regards to the North American Free Beard Agreement Whiskerino 2005 shaving will be regarded as removal of more than 51% of total facial hair growth and not treated synonymously with the term ‘sculpting.’ Sculpting will be regarded as the shaping of facial hair growth for the purpose of enhancing the beard look.


By supplying a photo for upload and display during Whiskerino 2005 the participant enters into an agreement stating the following:

  • The photo is, in fact, the participant
  • The photo has not been altered by digital means in regard to enhancing beard growth, shape, or density.
  • The photo may not contain added text, graphics, or clipart unless in participation with a themed day.

Figure 37
Figure 37:
Photos must be taken "landscape" or in a 4x3 ratio. To crop an existing photo in Photoshop select the marquee and set the style to fixed aspect ratio (4w x 3h) in the properties bar.

Images supplied by the participant must be in JPEG format sized no smaller than 450 pixels in width cropped to a 4 x 3 aspect ratio (see Figure 37). Photos may not contain profane gestures, nudity, hateful imagery, or ham sandwiches.

Only one image per day may be submitted to the North American Free Beard Agreement Whiskerino 2005. Submission of more than one image per day will result in the previous submitted image to be overwritten and all comments and ratings for that image removed but do what chu gotta do breh.


Failure to comply with the North American Free Beard Agreement Whiskerino 2005 rules and regulations will result in the participants account to be sequestered into the Hall Of Shame. Participants placed within these shameful halls will no longer have access to their account and, thus, image upload will be forever suspended for them. Ridiculing members of the Hall Of Shame is not only allowed but highly encouraged.


Upon completion of the contest there will be official ceremonies announcing the winner. Winning beards will be determined by a variety of criteria including: Beard Official opinions, ratings, overall participation, attendance, beard style, and spirit. Note: Immense facial hair density, girth, and coverage does not neccasarily determine winner. Spirit and Beard Fellowship are the highest ranked criteria according to the North American Free Beard Agreement.


Beards Rule. Our fellow Beard Growers Rule. Be nice to everyone.

Did you know?

Prior to the 7th cent., most Anglo-Saxons wore beards, but with the spread of Christianity, beards were discouraged.

In ancient Egypt, as well as Turkey and India, the beard was regarded as a sign of dignity and wisdom.

The belief that the beard denotes wisdom was widespread in ancient China, and the cult of the beard has been dominant in Middle Eastern cultures from ancient times to the recent past

As a symbol of virility and status, the beard has often acquired religious significance.

In the 20th cent. beards and mustaches were generally out of fashion until the 1960s when, together with long hair, they became popular with young people.

If your beard is long enough it will get in your soup.