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The Cold Silence

Jan 3 @ 2:32PM

The wait until Whiskerino 2007 is just about half over. Festivities will begin on November 1st, 2007. Please check back to the site before then to get the early heads up on registration and any new rules that may be in place.

To tide you over the in the meantime, check out these great shirts:

Facial Hairshirt - designed and printed by Chris Glass. Be sure to watch the informative and entertaining Making Of video.

Facial Hair Club for Men - lots of beards on a grid.

Granted, no one wants their entire wardrobe to consist of beard related t-shirts but if you're looking to have a few mixed in with your regulars those are a good place to start.

See you all in November.

After The Fallout

Mar 5 @ 2:20PM

While the Whiskerino 2005 festivities have come to a close it appears that many are feeling the withdrawals of being disconnected from their bearded brothers. In the downtime between now and Whiskerino 2007 there will be an attempt to keep people together, in communication, participating in news ways, and remembering the past.

First off, the Merch page is open. We've already sold out of the Ryan Hale Whiskerino print and the 'Itch' DVD may be the next to go. Get one while they are still around.

Whiskerino participant C Dub has put together a Flickr set entitled with&without that shows the comparison between clean shaven and bearded. More often than not, bearded is better.

Talks of a Whiskerino book is in the works - just something for the coffee table recognizing everyones favorite photos. So start getting your list together of your absolute favorite images.

Moustache May is just around the corner - so don't forget that mid-April to start leaving the upper lip alone so you can celebrate the glory of the stache when the time comes.

Tweaks continue to take place on the site to tidy things up - so feel free to give a heads up if you find something that needs adjusting. Thanks for sticking around and keep the ideas flowing of how we can all continue to keep in touch, work on collaborative projects, and eventually dominate the globe with the emerging BeardCorps™.

Thank You

Mar 1 @ 1:00AM

The North American Free Beard Agreement Whiskerino 2005 never foresaw the true potency that this years festivities withheld. To put it simply, the Whiskerino was a complete success. Beards were grown. Friends were made.

The next step in the process is often the most rewarding. Friendships continue to grow (and, for some, the beards). These connections are of vital importance to making the next iteration of the contest an even bigger success. Keep up with your new founded brethren as having this event as a common experience in your lives is not something that you can share with most people.

Thank you for your participation and expect to hear of miscellaneous Whiskerino news via email or from this site. The Talkback will remain open but comments and image uploading have been closed.

See you in 2007.

Throwdown Wrapup

Feb 27 @ 7:56AM

Words can not describe how much of a success the North American Free Beard Agreement Whiskerino 2005 Throwdown Weekend was. A gigantic enthusiastic Thank You! is extended to everyone that was able to it out to any or all of the festivities but especially to those of you that travelled a long distance to meet your bearded brethren.

There are likely going to be a lot of photos on the site that will hopefully be integrated in a wrapup gallery but for now we will rely on the kindness of other peoples servers. Remember if you put your pics on Flickr to tag them with "Whiskerino" and "Throwdown."

Ronnie Brown's Photos
Creative Liberty's Photos
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jeremyokai's Photos
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creole's Photos
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Dr. Jones Photos
Ryan Hale's Photos
Joey C's Photos
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D a v i d B e a n ' s Photos
ByronRaphael's Photos
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Josh Cole's Photos

If you have pics online and want them listed here, contact the Curator.

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Rezakj155 says:
wiseacre says:
Hello Jim.
Renaud says:
Hello Davis
Renaud says:
11 years ago
Renaud says:
9 years ago
Renaud says:
7 years ago
beard says:
wow. how i should have been here.
Justie Just says:
i'm signed in as justie... is this a joke of some sort?
cj says:
u guys r intense i wish i could grow a beard my wife dosent like it though you know what i mean
Patrick says:
...where is it?
Jenlover says:
celebrate good times, come on
kc says:
holy crap, fellas...we're about to do it again!

Round 3 for me! And I'm probably more excited now than ever before!

See you fine folks in the morning!!!
eightbitonline says:
eightbitonline says:
it's killing me.
Another Rachel says:
Ready...Set....SHAVE!!!!! (then don't shave...for like the next 4 months...)
JamesC says:
esme says:
ooooooh - not long to go now! says:
Join the Battle!
Justie Just says:
I saw Oz on Cartoon Network.

Congrats Oz.
Jenlover says:
Craig says:
Wow. It's almost time to move this bookmark from the archived folder back to the daily folder.
Matthew says:
oooooo We're getting close, guys!
iammattthomas says:
I shaved today.
James C says:
Justin says:
Is there anyway to advertise Whiskerino 2k7 as a "metrosexual" beard site?
BigBearJon says:
Who wants to fool-around and play with each others beards?

Finn MacCool says:
I am so ready. I had to shave my ten month old beard recently. Bittersweet.
Justie Just says:
You know I feel like there have been a lot more beards and moustahce related commercials since 2005. I think we changed the world a little, in a really stupid way.
Matthew says:
damnweather says:
mateo says:
Matthew says:
Clame. Has anyone seen this beard ballad?
Justin says:
this is like a tailgate party before the big game..
Matthew Moore says:
HAHA hahaha
Justie Just says:
they're not gone... just tighter.. mmmm.
Matthew Moore says:
It's what JDub called them...all I'm sayin.
Another Rachel says:
ew. gross.
Matthew Moore says:
Yeah I'm pretty excited right now. I forgot how amazing an experience this was. And I've lost 30 lbs so the vaginas under my arms disappeared.
James C says:
Justie says:
I am scared to enter, for some reason.

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Gmo said about Gmo
File this under anomaly -- Somehow my eyes turned out blue- with cat like slits---(they should be brown)-- i'm thinking it might have been caused by turning off the flash - and moving my eyes while the shutter was still open-- either that or I got bit by Lestat...
Mackle said about Matthew
looks delicious
Mackle said about ryanhale
this is possibly better than anything neckface himself has actually produced
blaine said about damnweather
face shaker.
Ozzy... said about Jaymz!
you are messed up man. and i mean that as a compliment.
Irky... said about webelrino
Hi Herr Neas
creole said about creole
Thanks Esme...collected over time. Interestingly enough, I have the most TAME collection of toys out of all the guys in my office. Too bad they didn't post them.

Darth Vader robots, lava lamps, yoda dolls, zebra masks, etc.

Ronnie...I live in Nashville so I wll most DEFINITELY be there, especially if you promise to do your best Sean Connery impression.
Just... said about ryanhale
Damn. She didn't even bat an eyelash. I feel like Penny Lane in Almost Famous.. traded for a case of beer..
Mackle said about Jenlover
amazing photo. i want us all to do shots like this one day.. it's pretty hilarious.
J An... said about Mateo
Herr... said about Creative
happy meeting!
Ozzy... said about T-Hog
nice video. Why men at work? I was glad I had forgotten them.
I respectfully request that you do it again this time with Over the Mountain - Ozzy of course
Over the Mountain take me across the sky
something in my vision, something deep inside
where did i wander, where'd you think i wandered to
I've seen life's magic astral plane i travel through
I heard them tell me that this land of dreams was now
I told them I had ridden shooting stars and then i showed them how
creole said about creole
I may be ugly, but my soon-to-be-newborn baby hopefully won't be. That's the nightmare of every new parent.

a) Will my baby be ugly
b) Will I know it?
Jami... said about Jamie
Oh thanks for the info Scott!.. I was wondering where that came from, LOL
And Justin come on now you know the only thing I would actually pay to have put on my face is cheesburgers...
creole said about Creative
Escaped again? Only to go on a date?