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Dr. Jones Beard
uploaded 01-12 @ 12:51 pm
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EL CLINTO said on Jan 12 @ 12:52pm YESS!!!!
Creative Liberty said on Jan 12 @ 12:52pm All you cool guys with cool printers and such...ROCK!!!
Paul said on Jan 12 @ 12:53pm wow
jeremyokai said on Jan 12 @ 12:53pm incredible
bobby said on Jan 12 @ 12:53pm boooya!
creole said on Jan 12 @ 12:53pm Who said that was printed? That's a real beard there.
Beard, James Beard said on Jan 12 @ 12:53pm i've run out of comments, so yeah. this is awesome.
General Lee said on Jan 12 @ 12:55pm fatastico magnifico
B. Brux said on Jan 12 @ 12:58pm super nice
T-Hog said on Jan 12 @ 1:05pm i just saw a flash of pron.
hope mackle doesn't see it.

nicey nice jorb!!!
damnweather said on Jan 12 @ 1:05pm and that's my first favorite movie!
D a v i d B e a n said on Jan 12 @ 1:09pm ummm, Smokey and the Bandit II?
Paul said on Jan 12 @ 1:10pm i am jack's enflamed jealousy
D a v i d B e a n said on Jan 12 @ 1:12pm "the man who bathed in Pink Soap?"

C'mon man, give me a clue.
T-Hog said on Jan 12 @ 1:14pm here ya go BEAN (clame)
Dr. Jones said on Jan 12 @ 1:15pm Thanks a lot, T-Hog... just give it away. *sulks*
Paul said on Jan 12 @ 1:26pm This is completely a tangent, and nothing to do with the photo, but I always say your name like Short Round (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) "You very bad man Dr. Jones, very bad"
Dr. Jones said on Jan 12 @ 1:29pm As well you should, Paul. As well you should.
Kebibi said on Jan 12 @ 1:31pm Way to bring it, Doc!
dubstyle said on Jan 12 @ 1:32pm awesome
webelrino said on Jan 12 @ 1:37pm I was hoping someone would do this ... nice!
Herr Neas said on Jan 12 @ 2:02pm his name was dr. jones
deucer said on Jan 12 @ 2:46pm I thought about this as well, nice job.
Wells said on Jan 12 @ 4:39pm good for business
Scrivener said on Jan 12 @ 5:43pm I would guess most of us at least thought of this one. But you did a brilliant job pulling it off. This is really nicely done.
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Thanks to all for a great time!

The doctor is in.

Top ten things spam could be used for... but shouldn't.

10. Protection
9. Mittens
8. Paint
7. Lubricant
6. Advice
5. Paper
4. Soap
3. Toothpaste
2. Fuel
1. Ear plugs

The top ten things spoons were not designed for:

10. Hauling scrap metal
9. Preserving fruit
8. Databases
7. Feeding sharks
6. Administering suppositories
5. Deer hunting
4. Communication
3. Artificial limbs
2. Transportation
1. Golf

Top ten desserts I just wouldn't eat...

10. Chalk Muffin
9. Hair Lime Pie
8. Hot Resin Sundae
7. Bile Souffle
6. Glass Shard Brownies
5. Mucus Pudding
4. Sonic Urine Blast
3. Chocolate Covered Sardines
2. Insulation Candy
1. Reese's Feces

Top ten places to hide:

10. Behind a tree
9. In a large, empty clothes hamper
8. Under the bed
7. In a pile of leaves
6. In an elevator shaft
5. In the closet
4. In a small, full clothes hamper
3. In a wall of mud
2. In an abandoned refrigerator
1. A secret place

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