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Dr. Jones said on Feb 28 @ 10:47am Just wanted to say I had a great time with all of you. Thanks for everything.
bobby said on Feb 28 @ 11:06am Jones, you kept things going around the office, it was a pleasure my good sir!
Creative Liberty said on Feb 28 @ 11:28am Dr. Jones and the Miracle guys rock.
Cody said on Feb 28 @ 12:30pm You and your gang have kept me very entertained the last four months.
ByronRaphael said on Feb 28 @ 12:39pm I loved all the collabs. Great to meet you this weekend.
sh4wn said on Feb 28 @ 3:16pm i see you at work every day.

i love you.
Scrivener said on Feb 28 @ 5:45pm Really enjoyed watching your collaborative shenanigans.
damnweather said on Feb 28 @ 9:19pm the beard suits you. glad you introduced yourself to me this weekend. i almost didn't recognize you for some reason.
ryanhale said on Feb 28 @ 11:09pm dr jones, let's get ice cream next time i'm in TN.
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Dr. Jones
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Thanks to all for a great time!

The doctor is in.

Top ten things spam could be used for... but shouldn't.

10. Protection
9. Mittens
8. Paint
7. Lubricant
6. Advice
5. Paper
4. Soap
3. Toothpaste
2. Fuel
1. Ear plugs

The top ten things spoons were not designed for:

10. Hauling scrap metal
9. Preserving fruit
8. Databases
7. Feeding sharks
6. Administering suppositories
5. Deer hunting
4. Communication
3. Artificial limbs
2. Transportation
1. Golf

Top ten desserts I just wouldn't eat...

10. Chalk Muffin
9. Hair Lime Pie
8. Hot Resin Sundae
7. Bile Souffle
6. Glass Shard Brownies
5. Mucus Pudding
4. Sonic Urine Blast
3. Chocolate Covered Sardines
2. Insulation Candy
1. Reese's Feces

Top ten places to hide:

10. Behind a tree
9. In a large, empty clothes hamper
8. Under the bed
7. In a pile of leaves
6. In an elevator shaft
5. In the closet
4. In a small, full clothes hamper
3. In a wall of mud
2. In an abandoned refrigerator
1. A secret place

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