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uploaded 02-28 @ 9:22 am
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Bryan Pugh said on Feb 28 @ 9:22am thanks guys for everything
Finn MacCool said on Feb 28 @ 9:30am You Pugh's are disgusting. Thank You. You made sure that this thing was never boring.
Mackle said on Feb 28 @ 9:47am glad you posted again. glad you didn't shoot yourself with that bb gun. glad you brush your teeth.
Chad Pugh said on Feb 28 @ 10:28am Mackle, that's not toothpaste though. That's Whipped Cream.
Liam said on Feb 28 @ 10:44am We fancy you with a beard too, Bryan. By fancy I mean lust after, and by you, I mean Casey. Way to put those younger pughs in their place
ByronRaphael said on Feb 28 @ 12:31pm If you need a new toothbrush I won 300 of them at the Throwdown.
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 28 @ 1:52pm thanks for posting every-so-often. 5*
Paragone said on Feb 28 @ 2:56pm I never met you in person but in a virtual sense it was nice to meet you ...
Patrick said on Feb 28 @ 7:45pm Gross to the end!
Bryan Pugh said on Feb 28 @ 11:11pm Gross?! Like you didnt get toothpaste or soup in your friggin beard.
ryanhale said on Feb 28 @ 11:36pm i got beard in my beard. there are photos from the throwdown.

this contest needed the brothers Pugh. more than anyone cares to admit.
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