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uploaded 02-28 @ 3:23 pm
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Matthew Moore said on Feb 28 @ 3:25pm Maybe I didn't love you
Quite as often as I could have
Maybe I didn't treat you
Quite as good as I should have.
Little themes I should have tried and done
I just never took the time
But Whiskerino brothers,

You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind
Herr Neas said on Feb 28 @ 3:27pm telllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll me, tell me that your sweet beard hasn't died...
Cody said on Feb 28 @ 3:41pm Awesome! This is how I would have gone out as well if I had good chop coverage.
Paragone said on Feb 28 @ 3:45pm nice chops.
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 28 @ 4:38pm great new look my friend. thanks for giving us all the bird now and then. And it was truly an honor to get a signed photograph.
Scrivener said on Feb 28 @ 4:47pm Those are some nice choppers.
Geezer said on Feb 28 @ 4:51pm Shed no tears for the beard gone by for its death only opens the door for a rebirth.
Matthew Moore said on Feb 28 @ 4:59pm I really should have put on a trucker hat and my shades, get a beer...Chops like this would look good with that get up. But what am I to do at 6 in the morning?
jgalep said on Feb 28 @ 5:45pm Good coverage. The chops look good.
Justie Just said on Feb 28 @ 6:38pm You look like someone who knows where to get a good deal on cigarettes.
Spitzer said on Feb 28 @ 7:11pm I'm so glad you were able to do the Whiskerino thing. It just felt right.
Matthew Moore said on Feb 28 @ 7:30pm hahah Justie.
It did feel right Bradley. Thanks for telling me about this!
Patrick said on Feb 28 @ 8:01pm Matthew, you stuck up for the Lincoln when nobody else left would. Commendable.
ByronRaphael said on Feb 28 @ 8:43pm You brought class back to the Lincoln.
Matthew Moore said on Feb 28 @ 9:24pm From now on, I shall remember this not as the Lincoln, but the Moore. :-D
damnweather said on Feb 28 @ 9:38pm i hope you rock those burns all the way into your important interview.
Matthew Moore said on Feb 28 @ 9:58pm haha I"m going t take them up a little bit...food sanitation and all :)
ryanhale said on Feb 28 @ 10:34pm matthew, your justie/elephant photo still makes me laugh when i think about it.
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Matthew Moore
had been growing and showing for 120 days
age: 25
location: Marion, Indiana
MVB's: 0
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