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ryanhale Beard
uploaded 01-12 @ 8:23 pm
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Paul said on Jan 12 @ 8:23pm can i be your brother who tells you to try different things; then steal your ideas?
ryanhale said on Jan 12 @ 8:23pm yeah sure, ok.
Mackle said on Jan 12 @ 8:24pm holy crap! ahhh-mazing. so good!
General Lee said on Jan 12 @ 8:28pm man i love you! i really do pal.
j.goforth said on Jan 12 @ 8:28pm I love it.
jgalep said on Jan 12 @ 8:28pm Hell yeah.
J Andrew Taylor said on Jan 12 @ 8:31pm good job. i'm not sure i could have found a pot to fit my ginormous head.
EL CLINTO said on Jan 12 @ 8:34pm dang good!
ryanhale said on Jan 12 @ 8:34pm that pot didn't fit my head either. it really hurt, and now i have a killer headache. but it was for a good casue.
J Andrew Taylor said on Jan 12 @ 8:39pm I've heard beer is good for headaches.
Paul said on Jan 12 @ 8:42pm i heard pot is good for headaches
Chris Mikesell said on Jan 12 @ 8:53pm pots are good for causing headaches, in this case.

yet another really good picture
Scrivener said on Jan 12 @ 8:54pm Oh yeah, that is just beautiful!
sh4wn said on Jan 12 @ 9:12pm good good good good.
KC said on Jan 12 @ 9:16pm Absolutely wonderful, Hale! 5 stars!!!
ryanhale said on Jan 12 @ 9:17pm ^clame for the original
ryanhale said on Jan 12 @ 9:18pm damnit.
ryanhale said on Jan 12 @ 9:21pm try that link now. clame.
Jim Renaud said on Jan 12 @ 9:37pm It is like technology versus horses.
deucer said on Jan 12 @ 10:08pm That beard is huge, this picture is great, Ryan, good job.
Jaymz! said on Jan 12 @ 11:57pm yay! ryan i would say i love you but i feel you lied to me. its ok though i never got a chance to do mine. and you didnt do the one you told me you were goin to do. so yeah.

esme said on Jan 13 @ 4:22am you forehead looks really squished.

hope your head feels better now.
dubstyle said on Jan 13 @ 5:47am I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun. what an amazing rendition.
rachel said on Jan 13 @ 6:15am is that an amaryllis? cause I have one of those.
Blankenship said on Jan 13 @ 6:44am Here you go. The killer's a literature professor. He cuts off little chunks from his victims' bodies until they die. He calls himself "the deconstructionist".
ryanhale said on Jan 13 @ 7:58am Jaymz, i really was going to do Amelie until about 8:00pm then i thought of Adaptation.
Kebibi said on Jan 13 @ 11:52am This is great... good choice.
Justie Just said on Jan 14 @ 2:13pm Ryan. Thanks for not doing Amelie.
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