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chester the... said on Feb 23 @ 10:56am my latest project, and I am all smiles to be done!
James C said on Feb 23 @ 11:06am the floor looks killer, walls could use a coat of paint though
Green Jacket said on Feb 23 @ 11:28am that's some quality work chester!
Mackle said on Feb 23 @ 11:39am wow, that looks great.
Davis said on Feb 23 @ 12:33pm that looks awesome.
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 23 @ 1:56pm i hate to tell you, but someone robbed your house.
chester the... said on Feb 23 @ 2:36pm thank you fellas very much! It took a couple days, no worries though. This isn't my house though, it's one of my customers.
chester the... said on Feb 23 @ 2:42pm we are staying at the cool springs marriot in franklin Tn. If anyone lives close to there and wouldnt mind me bummin a ride around with give me a call @ (859)396-1425. Thanks man!
Herr Neas said on Feb 23 @ 4:26pm you should've seen what he did for pharell williams' house
melina said on Feb 23 @ 4:32pm beautiful!!!
Corey said on Feb 23 @ 5:20pm Excellent work, man.
Josh Cole said on Feb 23 @ 8:14pm And Chester (in response to your comment)...absolutely. On Friday night though, I may be a little late to the festivities. We have a dinner before the event. If you don't mind, you can bum a ride with me to all 3 events if you would like. I have room for 7.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Been absent from Whiskerino a bit this week.
Josh Cole said on Feb 23 @ 8:15pm I will try to catch you on your phone number tomorrow. In the case that I get sidetracked...my cell is 615-500-9014.
ryanhale said on Feb 23 @ 9:58pm i hope that center section raises up revealing the secret command bunker of the Cobra Army.
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 27 @ 8:30am this is nice work chester.
it was great hanging out with you this weekend.
Ziggy said on Feb 27 @ 5:32pm Hope you made it back to Lexington safely. I was good meeting you at the throwdown.
Scrivener said on Feb 28 @ 9:20pm Hope you get a farewell pic up, but just in case, it was nice meeting you at the throwdown and fun chatting with you the last few months.
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