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General Lee Beard
uploaded 01-12 @ 7:15 am
General Lee said on Jan 12 @ 7:15am Ingredients:
1 Kill Bill costume borrowed from wife - 1 samurai sword - 3 patches w/ safety pins - 1 sheet glossy photo paper for body cutout - 1 sheet glossy photo paper for solid yellow background - 1 pair of scissors - 3 pieces of scotch tape - 1 ruler - 1 sharpie - 1 dvd case
dubstyle said on Jan 12 @ 7:16am F-U-C-K-I-N-G A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

I thought about doing this, but had NO idea how I'd pull it off. You've blown me away.
jeremyokai said on Jan 12 @ 7:18am cute.
Chad Pugh said on Jan 12 @ 7:19am love it... and those pants could stand to be a little tighter.
Lee Nelsons Intern said on Jan 12 @ 7:23am The best so far.
Mateo said on Jan 12 @ 7:23am Uma really let herself go. Nice beard she has though.
sh4wn said on Jan 12 @ 7:24am holy.

dr. dre said on Jan 12 @ 7:25am so good good. please tell me that's a cucumber though...
sonya said on Jan 12 @ 7:29am very impressive!
damnweather said on Jan 12 @ 7:32am this deserves 5*, it really does. i'm giving it 4 because i wish so much that it was an actual photo of you standing against a yellow wall with huge letters and a black stripe
KC said on Jan 12 @ 7:49am FRIKKIN AMAZING, LEE! LOVE IT!

That's right, ALL CAPS, suckaz!
Liam said on Jan 12 @ 7:53am Ogami Itto vs The Bride!
Mitch said on Jan 12 @ 8:13am i just walked through the other room, and my wife is on the floor playing with our daughter watching the view (uma thurman is about to be on, and I immediately thought of Kill Bill). I walk straight in here and see this. It is too good.
Scrivener said on Jan 12 @ 8:17am Just a fantastic shot.

Oh man, this is going to be a great day on the Whiskerino.
Davis said on Jan 12 @ 8:20am this is incredible.
Mackle said on Jan 12 @ 8:25am I enjoy the shot but really wanted you to go for Starship Troopers. I mean, it's the obvious choice for you!!
wilcoxjd said on Jan 12 @ 8:37am damn it. i don't even know if it's worth getting all dressed up now...
General Lee said on Jan 12 @ 9:03am mackle, i will only do Starship Troopers if you and hale will be in it with me. otherwise it'll be an empty experience.
Paul said on Jan 12 @ 9:26am Lee, wow. Wow. Did you really ahve that sword?
General Lee said on Jan 12 @ 9:28am uh yeah! who doesn't have a samurai sword in their hall closet? it's what we use to knight the unicorns.
noo noo said on Jan 12 @ 9:42am BETTER THAN UMA !!
Poe said on Jan 12 @ 10:06am I LOVE YOU LEEEE
D a v i d B e a n said on Jan 12 @ 11:17am Geez Lee, what dedication to theme day. 5 Stars and lolipop.
Wells said on Jan 12 @ 11:31am sweet. I don't know if I'll even bother today.
damnweather said on Jan 12 @ 11:33am is it a hanzo?
General Lee said on Jan 12 @ 11:42am yep, a hatori hanzo
Kebibi said on Jan 12 @ 11:59am Oh, my! Such effort.... such dedication... such saggy britches.

Seriously, amazing picture!
EL CLINTO said on Jan 12 @ 12:16pm yeah this rules!
Herr Neas said on Jan 12 @ 2:23pm as usual, i agree with mr. pugh
deucer said on Jan 12 @ 2:51pm Nice job Lee. I'm lovin the exposed midsection, if only Uma had done that more.
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