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uploaded 02-21 @ 8:17 pm
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Mackle said on Feb 21 @ 8:53pm no comments? don't sleep on this one guys.. his beard is truly magnanimous. you seem to embody a true woodsmen.
Creative Liberty said on Feb 21 @ 9:15pm It looks like a freaking hornets nest under his chin.
dubstyle said on Feb 22 @ 6:08am it IS a hornets nest under his chin
cassie said on Feb 22 @ 11:43am it looks as though you're looking at something VERY it a it a plane?
melina said on Feb 22 @ 1:59pm you kinda look like jim james in this pic...nice!

Mackle said on Feb 28 @ 11:46pm I am sorry I didn't really get to talk to you very much on Friday night and that you had prior plans on Saturday. I am sorry because your beard is truly magnificent. Do not shave it. Please. It is extremely underrated but it looks great.
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