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uploaded 01-12 @ 12:09 am
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deucer said on Jan 12 @ 12:10am Clame for original.
meatee.t.j. said on Jan 12 @ 12:32am man, i love this movie. nice job!
Davis said on Jan 12 @ 12:39am dude that is amazing.
Paul said on Jan 12 @ 3:52am Whoa, that's awesome. Great movie, great recreation!
Scrivener said on Jan 12 @ 3:58am Dammit, I was staring at that movie poster last night thinking about how I'd get it recreated when I got home this afternoon. You did a fantastic job with it, though. Far better than I would've I think. Awesome movie, awesome photo. Five stars and an early MVB favorite in my book.
EL CLINTO said on Jan 12 @ 4:03am dude you are on FIRE!
Kerok said on Jan 12 @ 4:06am Excellent... 5 Stars. Actually, make it 5005.
creole said on Jan 12 @ 4:22am Wonderful!!! 5 Stars for a great picture and for an amazing movie.
dubstyle said on Jan 12 @ 5:28am Jeremy told me about this, but I had no idea it would be THIS good.
KC said on Jan 12 @ 5:45am deucer, this is excellent in every way imaginable.

5 Stars!
Mateo said on Jan 12 @ 6:08am Very-very clever. Nice job.
ByronRaphael said on Jan 12 @ 6:22am Don't trust his lies!! Kill him!!!!
jeremyokai said on Jan 12 @ 6:25am LEEENNNNNYYYYY!!!
i said on Jan 12 @ 7:07am how did you do it w/o PS?
jeremyokai said on Jan 12 @ 7:10am Deuce will divulge nothing...until after he gets off work.
General Lee said on Jan 12 @ 7:21am awesome duece!
damnweather said on Jan 12 @ 7:22am i will not be impressed unless those are actual poloroids.

j/k, this is an awesome recreation to an awesome cover to an awesome movie
Meredith Hoke said on Jan 12 @ 7:24am Pale Jeremy- EXCELLENT!
jeremyokai said on Jan 12 @ 7:25am they are actual polaroids.
Blankenship said on Jan 12 @ 7:26am This is the
Chad Pugh said on Jan 12 @ 7:28am This is wonderfully done.
damnweather said on Jan 12 @ 7:42am congratulations, deucer! you're in the whiskerino cool club now!
ByronRaphael said on Jan 12 @ 7:45am Have I told you about my condition?
webelrino said on Jan 12 @ 8:05am Fantastic! Five stars for sure, excellent execution!
Mackle said on Jan 12 @ 8:19am This is above and beyond anything I imagined for today
Corey said on Jan 12 @ 8:45am Beautiful.
Davis said on Jan 12 @ 8:48am I was obsessed with this movie in high school...
valerie said on Jan 12 @ 8:51am will you move to brooklyn and marry me? please.
jeremyokai said on Jan 12 @ 8:52am dang Valerie...i thought we had something.
valerie said on Jan 12 @ 8:54am i've asked you before.. and you have already denied me. so i'm moving on. i'll be in dc this weekend. you should take a trip.
Poe said on Jan 12 @ 10:53am DUUUUUDE!!!! awsome
D a v i d B e a n said on Jan 12 @ 11:19am what everyone else said.
Kebibi said on Jan 12 @ 11:37am Jeremy! Superb! I'm impressed!

Great movie, as everyone seems to know... I wish I could vote. You got 5 on it from me - in my head.

Cool club, here you come. =)
deucer said on Jan 12 @ 2:51pm Finally home from work so I can comment...
Thanks for all the compliments, I'm surprised it came out like it did. Special thanks to my crew who helped me pull it off.
Mackle said on Jan 12 @ 3:29pm how could this not get 5 stars from everyone?
deucer said on Jan 12 @ 3:30pm You should ask Lee that question...
Where's your entry Michael?
General Lee said on Jan 12 @ 3:32pm huh?
damnweather said on Jan 12 @ 3:38pm dang, lee. deucer called you out.
Scrivener said on Jan 12 @ 5:40pm Seriously, someone gave this three stars???????? _Three_! Wow.

I keep coming back to this one and just staring at it. Man, Deucer you should really print this and frame it.
Reggie said on Jan 12 @ 6:44pm I have to agree Jeremy. You're on fire! ;)

Kidding.. Deuce... that's awesome...
Robbie said on Jan 12 @ 7:52pm Deuce must win.
Mackle said on Jan 12 @ 7:55pm he's trailing KC by about 40 points... this photo is so amazing..
Robbie said on Jan 12 @ 8:10pm That's just disappointing.
jeremyokai said on Jan 13 @ 6:22am My Personal MVB
dubstyle said on Jan 13 @ 6:28am mos def
Robbie said on Jan 13 @ 7:09am MVB in my book, as well.
KC said on Jan 14 @ 10:30am Deucer, great job...I wish we could be like Steve McNair and Peyton Manning from a few seasons ago and share the honor.
Geezer said on Jan 15 @ 2:03pm Very nice Deucer. Was good to see you again.
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I want to thank everyone who participated this time around. It was loads o' fun and really incredible getting to meet all of you. Too bad it had to end. Thank you Michael, you done good.

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