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uploaded 01-01 @ 8:27 pm
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Matthew Moore said on Jan 01 @ 8:28pm Darling!
creole said on Jan 01 @ 8:28pm The family and I on the first day of the best year of our lives.
ryanhale said on Jan 01 @ 8:38pm I still think you should get matching glasses for your child, just to amuse me. Please.

Besides that, this is pretty much a beautiful and perfect family photo. Happy New Year to you three.
ben said on Jan 01 @ 9:09pm beautiful shot.
Jim said on Jan 01 @ 10:18pm Gorgeous family
damnweather said on Jan 01 @ 10:44pm alright, we get it. you have a new kid...

just kidding! creole, you and mrs. creole and the creolette look happy as can be. is parenthood not the most crazy, scary, incredible, awesome thing you've ever done?
creole said on Jan 02 @ 5:51am Its pretty freaky that's for sure...
creole said on Jan 02 @ 6:52am But also wonderul and amazing.
Ozzy Nelson said on Jan 02 @ 6:55am jaime looks far less amused than you do creole. are you sure you're pulling you're weight?
Ozzy Nelson said on Jan 02 @ 8:39am that would be your weight. not you're weight.
Scrivener said on Jan 02 @ 1:19pm Beautiful. Keep snuggling with that baby and I'll keep giving you five stars.
Jaime said on Jan 02 @ 2:30pm He's pulling as much weight as he can - there are just some things that only a mom can do, and that makes me a little more tired than him. He's a great dad.
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Big ups to my wife, Jaime for being to so tolerant of me living the bearded life.

Thanks to all of you for spurring me to greater and greater creative endeavors. Thanks to Mackle for imagining a world where beards are the norm and for building a site to prove it.

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