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jeremyokai Beard
uploaded 01-12 @ 12:05 am
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jeremyokai said on Jan 12 @ 12:08am Clame for original.
Ozzy Nelson said on Jan 12 @ 2:06am I LOVE it!! Fantastic. 5*
Scrivener said on Jan 12 @ 4:03am You know, you make a fantastic Poitier.

How in the bloody hell is there going to be _one_ MVB today? I mean, the first three pics are up and I'm already rooting for all three of them to win.
Falfa said on Jan 12 @ 4:03am WOW

That's a terrific re-creation.

I will also admit that I was getting a serious 'Hello' vibe.
creole said on Jan 12 @ 4:23am Great! 5 Stars! really are a handsome man. Have you ever done modeling?
Paul said on Jan 12 @ 4:33am I'm with Scriv. This is going to be a stalemate.

Excellent movie choice, and excellent execution.
dubstyle said on Jan 12 @ 5:27am excellent
KC said on Jan 12 @ 5:46am Fuh-nom-eh-null!!!! Fivers all around!
T-Hog said on Jan 12 @ 6:09am nice work. tell her a little lower.
benfRank said on Jan 12 @ 6:14am ahhhhhmazing.
ByronRaphael said on Jan 12 @ 6:21am Genius! 5*
Keygrip said on Jan 12 @ 7:22am Thanks for the recognition I deserve. That warms my heart. Turned out superbly.
General Lee said on Jan 12 @ 7:25am you rock the sidney!
webelrino said on Jan 12 @ 8:03am Yeah, this is amazing, down to every detail. *****!
jeremyokai said on Jan 12 @ 9:29am franks franks franks
jeremyokai said on Jan 12 @ 9:34am the above comment is not me.
damnweather said on Jan 12 @ 9:50am how about that one?
D a v i d B e a n said on Jan 12 @ 11:18am man, never saw the original until the clame. FANTASTIC!
rachel said on Jan 12 @ 11:30am where's her headband? this is so much better when clamed. good show.
Kebibi said on Jan 12 @ 11:33am Awesome! I really enjoyed that movie - very touching... but anything with Poitier is worth the watch. Although it was originally in b/w, the DVD looks like they did an ok job colorizing it.

Great beard. Great photo.
webelrino said on Jan 12 @ 1:50pm After seeing all of the amazing MVB-worthy photos today, this is still my hands-down favorite. It's so similar to the original, down to almost every detail, with no tricky photoshopping or cutting and re-photo-ing, and on top of all of that it honors the beard! MVB, baby!
Dr. Jones said on Jan 12 @ 1:52pm This is indeed great - no question about it.
General Lee said on Jan 12 @ 4:59pm this has been growing on me more and more as the day goes by
Scrivener said on Jan 12 @ 5:46pm I think the only reason this isn't in the front of the voting is because the movie you're doing isn't everyone's favorites--no knock on any of the other frontrunners intended there. THis one, as Webelrino said, just nails the original so perfectly.
sonya said on Jan 12 @ 6:32pm Really great execution and so very much like the original. Good job Jeremy!
jeremyokai said on Jan 13 @ 6:31am Thanks for the 5's people...Thanks to Deucer, Erica and Meredith...I could have never done this without them...on and G.O.D. too!
jeremyokai said on Jan 13 @ 6:31am oh, not "on"
Herr Neas said on Jan 15 @ 5:16am r.i.p. shelley winters...
jeremyokai said on Jan 15 @ 8:54am seriously.
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