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uploaded 02-28 @ 5:08 pm
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Scrivener said on Feb 28 @ 5:25pm Oh, going out with style, huh? Very nice.
Mackle said on Feb 28 @ 5:27pm You don't have to tell anyone you were 33 days late - no one would have ever guessed. Absolutely great. Thanks for hanging out with us.. glad I opened the gates up for you and Rett. Quality folk.
jgalep said on Feb 28 @ 5:31pm Is it a funeral or a celebration...I'm going with a celebration. I throughly enjoyed my time here and wish I could have connected more with all of you.

That being said I will be in Nashville from March 12th-15th for a conference (Opryland Resort and Convention Center). My Sunday is fairly open...if you want to see the beard in person.

I'll probably see you in May and most definitely in 2007.
dubstyle said on Feb 28 @ 6:17pm you can't tell you were 33 days late at ALL. Great having you along for the ride.

I'm still creeped out by the dog skull though.
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 28 @ 6:20pm You are a most unusual individual. Your beard hairs in a bag and pet skull were a couple of the most memorable W2005 moments for me.
Patrick said on Feb 28 @ 8:03pm You have a classically handsome beard. You could make a living with it.
jgalep said on Feb 28 @ 8:10pm dubstyle: I was wondering if it was the dog skull or the saved beard hair that made people uncomfortable.

Ozzy: Coming from you I'll take that as a complement. You never ceased to amaze me during the contest. Good luck finishing your tattoo.

Patrick: If you can tell me how to make a living with my beard, I'm all ears. I'll even relocate.
ByronRaphael said on Feb 28 @ 8:33pm You didn't need the whole contest to get a good beard. We should all be impressed.
damnweather said on Feb 28 @ 9:40pm you need to save this beard for sure. either on your face or in a little baggie.
ryanhale said on Feb 28 @ 10:20pm exactly what Mackle said. beard on jgalep. you do it so very well.
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Usually I'm very punctual, so showing up to a beard contest 33 days late is unlike me. To make up form my tardiness I will be finishing out my 33 days and posting photos at the above URL to make up for lost time.

Thanks to everyone for making this a fun experience and especially Mackle (and team) for putting this all together.

jason (at) evilmathematics (dot) com