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sibhod said on Feb 23 @ 9:04am welcome to Nas
ByronRaphael said on Feb 23 @ 9:04am MVB!!! DO IT!!!
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 23 @ 9:06am Do it is right! MVB!
dbox said on Feb 23 @ 9:08am
if this doesn't win mvb.... something bad
dbox said on Feb 23 @ 9:08am
the best part is that it fits 9 across the top too
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 23 @ 9:09am A few of us had a few pints with Ronnie and his Wife Claire last night. A fine chap he is.

And man can the both of them drink us all under the table.
Paul said on Feb 23 @ 9:11am I'm game for a few pint Ronnie -- my belly is used to Guiness and some pipe smoking.
melina said on Feb 23 @ 9:12am coolness!

your cap is ace too ronnie!
Blankenship said on Feb 23 @ 9:14am 9 across for THE WIN.
James C said on Feb 23 @ 9:15am get him drunk THEN try to steal his lucky charms
ryanhale said on Feb 23 @ 9:15am you spelled out Nasashville?

Ronnie deserves to get MVB for simply being there.
Mackle said on Feb 23 @ 9:22am Actually he spelled Nashville but yes, I agree.. the fact that Ronnie flew here from Glasglow for bearded spirit proves he is entirely worthy of an MVB. His accent alone makes him worthy.
Mackle said on Feb 23 @ 9:22am Don't let me down Whiskerino
creole said on Feb 23 @ 9:24am Welcome to Nashville Ronnie!!!

You're at the Hard Rock!
creole said on Feb 23 @ 9:24am Or are you?
Patrick said on Feb 23 @ 9:26am Man, this is perfect.
Also, you flew overseas for a beard competition. That warrants an MVB in my book.
ryanhale said on Feb 23 @ 9:30am Mackle, i'm was going to argue with you. in this photo, i see a N A S. the previous photos are of A S H V I L L E. thus it would spell Nasashville. but then i did a little google research and found out that much like the extra U in 'colour', the Scottish spell Nashville with an extra A S.

Welcome to N(AS)ashville Ronnie.
C Dub said on Feb 23 @ 9:32am Michael, can you alter the code to allow me to give Ronnie 33 stars for coming to Merica?
Mackle said on Feb 23 @ 9:33am C Dub, consider it done. It will appear that you are only giving 5 stars but it will count 6.6 times as much.
Finn MacCool said on Feb 23 @ 9:36am Ronnie is in Nashville. That makes me happy. 5*. You better get this MVB sir.
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 23 @ 9:37am mvb for the man from across the sea!!
sh4wn's wife said on Feb 23 @ 9:45am welcome to Nashville!
molly said on Feb 23 @ 9:51am this is making me homesick...
hope you have a wonderful time in Nashville, Ronnie.
Wells said on Feb 23 @ 10:08am Great having pints with you guys last night. It's going to be a fun weekend with all the beards in one place.
Josh said on Feb 23 @ 10:13am Across the sea for a beard. Five stars.

Looking forward to meeting you.
rachel said on Feb 23 @ 10:21am that blue colour is yummmmm
rachel said on Feb 23 @ 10:21am and, do you have an east coast wing to your us takeover? because if you come to boston that would be great.
Another Rachel said on Feb 23 @ 10:27am Welcome to music city Ronnie and Ronnie's wife!
Green Jacket said on Feb 23 @ 10:33am 5 Stars for sitting on a plane that long. And I complained about a layover in Memphis. Give this man an MVB!!
jac said on Feb 23 @ 10:39am well done you.....5 gizillion stars should be awarded
Tommy said on Feb 23 @ 10:40am Smuggy smug smug. ;)
chester the... said on Feb 23 @ 11:06am greetings!
esme said on Feb 23 @ 11:06am go ronnie go!
MADPHILL said on Feb 23 @ 12:50pm Ronnie, you know what they say...."Once you go Nashville, you never go back" Look out man...
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 23 @ 2:02pm By the way, this is the last you'll see of ronnie. Notice he hasn't commented today?

We ate him last night. He tasted like corn bread.
MADPHILL said on Feb 23 @ 2:18pm haha, fish and chips
bobby said on Feb 23 @ 2:25pm I was gonna say chicken David.
Kaitlin said on Feb 23 @ 2:45pm Not only can he drink you guys under the table, but he looks classy doing it. Hope you are enjoying the US of A, Ronnie, and that our beer doesn't suck too much for your palate.
creole said on Feb 23 @ 2:52pm Can't wait to meet you Ronnie. Is there anything going on before the show tomorrow night?
Mackle said on Feb 23 @ 3:08pm Ronnie doesn't have much internet access at the moment.. I posted this pic for him (just so you know). Before the throwdown I am sure a meal could be organized but that is in you guys hands.. I'm going to be busy running around picking up people from the airport and making sure my house is in order. Las Palmas on 8th is usually quite non-busy and if you sit on the Smoking side you get some good service.

Sorry to be off-topic Ronnie.. you know I'm stoked you're in town and about to win an MVB.
Ryan Dwain Rayborn said on Feb 23 @ 5:48pm cornbread? for real?
sh4wn said on Feb 23 @ 6:19pm post about Ronnie and his MVB goes here ______________________.

glad you made it.
Another Rachel said on Feb 23 @ 8:11pm Ronnie Brown...the man who came all the way to America to get an MVB.
T-Hog said on Feb 23 @ 8:13pm ha perfect a. rachel cuz it is double true
Mackle said on Feb 24 @ 1:23am finally! better than a bull dog eating thistles.
Chris Mikesell said on Feb 24 @ 1:29am Mackle you're so drunk! It's Nettles!

Ronnie! Congrats on the mvb, and I'm glad you enjoyed the american biscuits and american gravy

This weekend is going to be so much fun
Mackle said on Feb 24 @ 1:32am goddamn, it is nettles! my memory sucks. congrats to ronnie on the MVB and a huge welcome to C Mikesell for the TN travel. This weekend is going to be amazing.
Tommy said on Feb 24 @ 2:26am You could also go with "chewing a wasp" for the same effect here. I'm glad Ronnie and Claire have been spreading the lingo.
Creative Liberty said on Feb 24 @ 6:11am Dude...welcome to AMERICA and welcome to the 1 MVB Club.
KC said on Feb 24 @ 9:30am WHOA! Ronnie, first off, welcome to Nashvegas, man!

Second...I can not believe that you flew all the way here for this...you are a King among men, sir. Can't wait to hang with you!
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