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jartymannetty said on Feb 28 @ 6:49pm I hate to see it end... So is the beard guy.

Sorry I didn't upload as much as I could have, sorry I didn't make it to the Throwdown. Thank you for this great opportunity to become colser to my fellow bearded man, and for all the good times I've had because of this contest.

It shall be greatly missed until the next one.

See you then,
Herr Neas said on Feb 28 @ 7:14pm farewell sweet prince
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 28 @ 7:49pm i would have liked to have seen trisha one more time...
ryanhale said on Feb 28 @ 7:59pm your beard shirt is crying. that's both awesome and sad.
Patrick said on Feb 28 @ 8:12pm These tears I shed for my homies. Great seeing you again.
ByronRaphael said on Feb 28 @ 8:20pm You have nothing to be sorry about man. We're crying with you.
damnweather said on Feb 28 @ 9:48pm at least the shirt doesn't have to shave.
ryanhale said on Feb 28 @ 9:54pm still loving that shirt.
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i was about to shower this morning and i looked in the mirror to see if i needed to shave, then i thought to myself, "wait, aren't i in that contest thing?"

i hope i can last until the end.