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uploaded 02-28 @ 9:45 am
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sh4wn said on Feb 28 @ 9:46am dear God, please don't stike me down if i shave.

Mackle said on Feb 28 @ 9:46am wow.. great photo. you guys got some green skies in East Nashville
bobby said on Feb 28 @ 9:48am Excellent Pic! Man, love the textures and the silhouette!
rachel said on Feb 28 @ 9:48am gorgeous
Scrivener said on Feb 28 @ 9:52am beautiful pic, man.
dubstiltzed said on Feb 28 @ 9:54am it was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. Will see you again very soon.
Dave Knapp said on Feb 28 @ 9:55am likewise to dub, it was good to meet you. BATMAN
sh4wn said on Feb 28 @ 9:58am this was one of the best 4 months i've ever had. great to meet you all. i almost teared up when i posted today.
Paul said on Feb 28 @ 10:08am Shawn, it was great to meet you (again) with wife (my wife says "hi!" btw, and that in 2007 she will be coming; with the kick ass boots). stay in touch ... and beautiful shot (i don't think God will smot you ... yet)
MADPHILL said on Feb 28 @ 10:28am I'll 2nd that this photo is a bute!
Chad Pugh said on Feb 28 @ 10:29am That building looks like the most evil electric trimmer
Spitzer said on Feb 28 @ 10:32am Chad, I have to agree.
Green Jacket said on Feb 28 @ 11:20am This is beautiful! Almost as beautiful as you. It was great meeting you. I will return sometime to get BP.
C Dub said on Feb 28 @ 11:46am wow, i just saw this shot. super nice, man. the hair, the colours, the silhouetted buildings.
ByronRaphael said on Feb 28 @ 12:32pm Nice picture. Keep the cat as long as you need to. He eats very little.
Davis said on Feb 28 @ 1:18pm great great photo. i'll let you know when our bands can rock the boro.
Poe said on Feb 28 @ 1:26pm a wonderful picture -- and it was even better to meet you over the weekend.
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 28 @ 1:55pm great shot sh4wn. we'll have to get the old beards together for lunch sometime.
Paragone said on Feb 28 @ 2:52pm sh4wn ... a pleasure to meet you ... thanks for the help with the Throwdown. hey, we live in the same town! dont be a stranger!
sh4wn said on Feb 28 @ 3:19pm all of you are great people. be sure to get my email and aim.
Cody said on Feb 28 @ 3:45pm Sh4wn! It was a pleasre to hang out and perform with you. You are very talented and friendly to boot.
damnweather said on Feb 28 @ 6:53pm sh4wn, awesome to meet you this weekend. hopefully we'll have more time to hang at the next TD.
Herr Neas said on Feb 28 @ 7:29pm best supporting skyline
Patrick said on Feb 28 @ 7:33pm Nice lighting. I enjoyed meeting you, and will try to look you up next time I'm bak in town.
T-Hog said on Feb 28 @ 10:35pm a telephone operator listened to the busy signal for two years and hung up. two seconds later grandma put the roast in the oven. kenny rogers put the reciever back on the hook with a sigh of relief.

lates sh4wn. awesome final shot.
ryanhale said on Feb 28 @ 11:33pm shawn, i really enjoyed our conversation at the bowling alley. i would have liked to speak to you some more. when i visit nashville again, perhaps we can continue our banter.
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age: 32
location: east nashville
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i m sh4wn

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so i said
'i feel like growing a beard'
and the children laughed
and threw gum at me
so i ate them
like i would a burrito
smothered in a warm red sauce
wrapped in a giant tortilla
sprinkled with melty cheese
garnished with lettuce and sour cream

in the background
a wolf howled
a choir sang of the city
while the Queen of a foreign land
drank tea

On Nov 19th, i went to the Mojave Desert for the unveiling of the xBox 360, through a contest i won. i also won an xbox 360. Here's how i won. thanks whiskerino2005 for giving me the courage to win an xBox 360!!

the day before this thing began, i had hair.

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