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meatee.t.j. said on Feb 27 @ 12:39pm The contest is nearly over, and through much adversity, and a couple of near-shames, I still made it through to the end. I stuck to my original vow never to trim, and being a man of my word I am proud to have accomplished my goal. I believe my inner mountain man has heeded its call.

My only regret is that I wasnt able to participate nearly as much as I had hoped to. I moved to a different city (my old city borders my new city, but that's beside the point) and started a new job during this quest for beardedness, which made it hard to keep up with posting. Being too busy to post was a blessing in disguise, however, and I was also too busy to even think about shaving.

I missed out on the Throwdown, even though I only live about 30 minutes away from where the festivities occured. Sadly, my job required me to be out of town on those very days, and I missed meeting my bearded brothers. Although I didn't participate as much as some, and I didn't make comments (and friendships) as much as I would have liked to, this has still been a great experience and I enjoyed being able to be a part of this beautiful thing, this contest, this fellowship, this Whiskerino.

Tomorrow will see a trimmed, but still bearded, me. I guess its time to return to my "usual" look, and stop people from thinking I'm a new visitor to my church, even though I've been going there for nearly 10 years. Just because the beard is untrimmed doesn't mean I'm a sinner!
Patrick said on Feb 27 @ 12:48pm This beard is bizarre. I love it.
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My work schedule is so busy right now, I'd probably look like this anyway. No time for shavin'!