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uploaded 11-11 @ 12:31 pm
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General Lee said on Nov 11 @ 12:32pm awesome. you're even making the machine gun sound with your mouth
Paul said on Nov 11 @ 12:33pm You better believe it.
dubstyle said on Nov 11 @ 12:34pm this is one cool photo.
Jorge Herrera said on Nov 11 @ 12:34pm dang...i feel like a kid again...i love this picture...
oz said on Nov 11 @ 12:35pm chia seeds or toy soldiers. both so awesome
Corey said on Nov 11 @ 12:36pm Great photo. Your setting them up to shoot them with a bb gun and mine them with firecrackers, right?
D a v i d B e a n said on Nov 11 @ 12:38pm you're really coming on strong with these photos. beard looks good too.
JHops said on Nov 11 @ 12:41pm Kick ass.
Geezer said on Nov 11 @ 12:56pm Hate war, love army men. The hours of fun setting them up and wiping them out.
Herr Neas said on Nov 11 @ 12:58pm i hope that was as much fun to set up as it is to see.
RyanHale said on Nov 11 @ 1:12pm i bet this was not even set up for a photo, and that you just love playing with army men, which i completely understand. and midway through the battle you realised how awesome of a photo that would make.
josh cole said on Nov 11 @ 1:26pm amazing...the sounds...i can just hear it all awesome. well done.
eightbitonline said on Nov 11 @ 1:45pm is this gonna be part of the narrative, or a special 'veterans day' aside?
Scrivener said on Nov 11 @ 2:23pm Very nice photo, and topical too. Awesome.
Wells said on Nov 11 @ 2:36pm I'm gong to have to step up the photos a bit...nice job and growth
Paul said on Nov 11 @ 5:53pm corey : the m80's are in my pocket.

hale : you caught me. and green won. green always wins.

eightbit : yes, part of the narrative; and happens to fit well with today.
Jim Renaud said on Nov 11 @ 9:50pm MVB for me... awesome
Mason Poe said on Nov 11 @ 11:41pm haha green wins.
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