Now that was a Whiskerino
THE 2005-2006 WHISKERINO WRAP-UP: 120 Days of Fun.

From November 1st, 2005 until February 28th 2006 133 men banded together in an amazing display. They shunned society. They emancipated their masculinity. They embraced friendships. They proposed. They procreated. They traversed seas. They took pictures. They made movies. They threw-down.

They grew beards.

The next Whiskerino event starts Nov. 1st, 2007 at

Buy "Itch"
Directed by dubstyle and co-produced by James C. This short bearded film may change your life.
Beards & Buddies
Get The Poster
Designed by Daniel Box for the Throwdown gala. Beards & Buddies. Feb 25, 2006.
Beard Until Death
Ryan's Print
Created by Ryan Hale. Roughly translates to 'Beard Until Death.' Very limited.